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Rick Pitino Update

AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser

AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser


It has been a roller-coaster season for the fans of the University of Louisville Basketball team. It has been even more up and down for fans of Coach Rick Pitino. I was told the day the post season ban was levied that Coach P was done. 2 weeks ago I was told Ramsey would be overthrown and he would stay. Then just last week I was told he was gone again. I know what you are saying. You need new sources. Hear me out. My guy that has the info on this particular situation is never wrong. He may waiver during the process but he always comes through. Late this afternoon he told me new info would be coming out tonight that I would like. I instantly thought, here we go again.

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Petrino talks recruiting, coaching staff, and more on WDRB

Bobby Petrino


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Bobby Petrino was in the WDRB studio on Monday morning and talked with Candyce Clift. The following is the full transcript of the interview posted on

Click here to watch the video of the interview. The video doesn’t show all of the interview, so be sure to read the transcript as well.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — WDRB in the Morning Anchor Candyce Clifft interviewed U of L head football coach Bobby Petrino Monday, and asked what he thought about the current pool of talent.

“I’m very excited,” Petrino said. “First and foremost, they have a great work ethic and a very positive attitude. Sometimes change is hard on everybody, but we can’t afford to have it hard on us. Going into a new conference, we have to adapt quickly and move forward, and I’ve been really happy with the attitude and the leadership of the senior group.

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