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Myisha Hines-Allen Receives Valentine’s Gift From Kyrie Irving

Forget flowers and candy, Kyrie Irving gifted his shoes to Myisha Hines-Allen before the Celtics game on Valentine’s Day.

Check out Myisha’s priceless reaction.

** I mean, Jemele ain’t lying. **

Terry Rozier to take part in Kyrie Irving’s PG Camp


According to Terry Rozier’s Instagram he will take part in Kyrie Irving’s top 20 Point Guard Camp.



First off…WOW that is a lot of stuff! Secondly most are expecting Rozier to be one of the break out players in the nation this year after a very positive freshman campaign. Camps like this will allow Rozier to play against the top competition around the country as well as current NBA talent (Trey Burke, MCW) and that can only be a good thing. The Camp starts today.

Only question now is who will lead the Cards in “OH MY” moments? Trez or Terry?