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Highlights: Louisville defeats Texas A&M 27-21

The Cards took down the Aggies 27-21 in the Music City Bowl on Wednesday night. Lamar Jackson put on quite a show as he rushed for 226 yards and accounted for all four UofL touchdowns.

ESPN says Lamar Jackson is 1 of 3 reasons to watch tonight

Lamar Jackson


Sam Khan Jr. published an article on that named three reasons why you should watch the Music City Bowl tonight. Two of those reasons were about Texas A&M, but Louisville got a little love as Lamar Jackson was a reason as well. Here is what Khan Jr. had to say…

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Next in 90: Music City Bowl

Quick game preview from UofL.

Coaches and Coordinators Music City Bowl Press Conference

Transcript below (also includes Garrick McGee and Todd Grantham)


COACH SUMLIN: Great to be here. Just got through with the luncheon. I know that our guys, our team, our travel party, the administration, has had a fabulous time here in Nashville.

The city has been wonderful hosts. Franklin American Mortgage has done nothing but provide us with first-class events. Our guys are really, really appreciative of it, practice overing at Vanderbilt. Want to thank them, too, being able to utilize their facility and stadium and locker rooms, practice facility, it’s been great for us, too. Everything has been very, very convenient from that standpoint.

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Video: Music City Bowl Team Welcome

The Cards got off to a great start against Texas A&M on Monday night. No, this isn’t about the actual game (although maybe it will be). The teams participated in two competitions: song writing and hot chicken eating contest. Louisville ended the night 2-0. Well done.

Final thoughts on the UofL-UK game


Photo: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The game has been over for a couple of days now. So if you are one of the ones to say “It’s over. Move on. Get over it”, then this post isn’t for you. I appreciate you stopping by, but I haven’t written out all of my thoughts yet and closed the door on the game, so that is what I am going to do. You may disagree with me, and that is fine. We can have a discussion on things like that. But this forum is for me to hit on a few key points that I saw on Saturday. After getting this out, I will then be able to turn the page and move on.

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The starting lineup: Battle of the Bluegrass sized up

Photo by David Blair/Icon Sportswire

Photo by David Blair/Icon Sportswire

The first 5 guys on the floor matched my prediction for Louisville. As the non-conference schedule has come to a close for the year and it’s been scrutinized as any, let’s assess the Cards because that’s what we as fans & as media do. We criticize and rectify, perhaps justify in any way we can. Each team had their storylines heading into the battle but here are 4 of mine following it. All of these things are going to tie in together, but I wanted to individually outline as a list because have an obsession with making lists. Know where I got it? Rick Pitino, (Rebound Rules 2010).
4 things from another loss at Rupp:

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Cards fall in both Top 25 polls

Trey Lewis

Photo: 247 Sports

The Louisville Cardinals come in at #18 in both the AP and the Coaches Poll this week.

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Pitino explains skipping the UK post-game press conference

Rick Pitino

Photo: USA Today

A lot has been made about Rick Pitino not speaking to the media after Saturday’s loss at UK, instead sending Ralph Willard to handle that. Some people don’t think it’s a big deal at all, others think it is. I am more on the side that it is. In his latest blog, Pitino explains his reasoning. After reading it, my feelings on it don’t change one bit.

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Players talk about the Music City Bowl 12/27/15

Breaking down the final play of UofL-UK on Saturday

Damion Lee

Photo: UofL athletics

It wasn’t a bad play design.

At first glance, your reaction after the buzzer sounded yesterday may have been something like “THAT was the play call after a timeout?” Twitter was buzzing with all kinds of hot takes from people complaining about the play and insulting the basketball IQ of Rick Pitino, since people still do that. But I am here to assure you that an off-balance three pointer by Damion Lee was NOT the only option in the final seconds at Rupp Arena on Saturday afternoon.

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Highlights: Kentucky defeats Louisville 75-73

Saturday’s radio show at Brownie’s at 9 a.m.

93.9 The Ville

Just trying to get the word out as much as we can. We know that some people aren’t on social media or maybe just on Facebook and don’t see our tweets, so that is the reason for this post regarding our radio show on Saturday, December 26.

Cardinal Sports Zone on 93.9 The Ville will air from 9-10 a.m. on Saturday and we will be on location at Brownie’s The Shed in the Highlands.

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It’s that time of year 

Cardinal Bird

Louisville vs Kentucky

First off, I want to wish a very merry holiday season to #cardnation & those who take time to read what I care to say. As Merry as the holiday season can be… Louisville fans haven’t felt the New Year GAMEDAY bliss vs Kentucky 7 out of 8 tries.

Not enough down time between rivalry games in my opinion….but who am I?

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Louisville vs Kentucky: 1995 full game

Louisville Kentucky

January 1, 1995. Freshman Samaki Walker goes off for the Cards, recording the first triple double in UofL history with 23 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 blocks. Watch the full game below and enjoy!

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Bobby Petrino press conference 12/23/15

Bobby Petrino


I know it is UofL-UK week in basketball, but don’t forget about this football team! Just watching this Bobby Petrino press conference got me right back into the swing of things for the football Cards. Petrino talks about bowl preparation, what they have done differently than last year’s bowl prep, guys that have filed paperwork with the NFL, and much more.

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Video: Bompy lays Utah Valley to rest

So good to not be on the receiving end of this like we were in Puerto Rico. Kind of think this should happen in every Louisville win. And by “kind of think”, I mean it should absolutely happen.

This Year Is Different

Photo: AP Photo/Bill Haber

Photo: AP Photo/Bill Haber

With the exception of the 2012-2013 season, there’s no secret that John Calipari has had Rick Pitino’s number in head-to-head match-ups. Louisville has been dominant in recent years, as has Kentucky. Both with National Titles, Final Fours, conference championships, both coaches getting inducted into the Hall of Fame, and highly ranked recruited classes all in the last five years. Those are accomplishments any school would proud of to have, and that’s an understatement. Really, just read those accomplishments and think about how much success both programs have had in just the last five years. But for whatever reason, despite all that success and even having the better team in some of those years, Rick can’t seem to beat Cal.

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Highlights: Louisville defeats Utah Valley 98-68

Bompy and Basketball on a Wednesday night. It doesn’t get much better!

Pitino, Lewis, Mitchell, and Mahmoud Utah Valley postgame

Louisville defeated Utah Valley 98-68 on Wednesday night. Afterwards, here is what Rick Pitino, Trey Lewis, Donovan Mitchell, and Anas Mahmoud had to say.

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