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DeMarcus Cousins Throws Marcus Smart Down

Some things never change. This guy makes millions of dollars, let that sink in.

And just for fun, here are a few more of his finest moments. What a professional!

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Louisville vs Long Beach State Highlights

Remember, there was also a basketball game today.

Quick Reaction: Louisville vs Georgia Post Game

Photo: WHAS11

Photo: WHAS11

The football season is over for the Louisville Cardinals. While the 9-4 record is very good and I would call the season a success, that will be for another post. This one is just quick knee-jerk reactions to the Belk Bowl. The Louisville Cardinals fell to the Georgia Bulldogs 37-14 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cards got Chubbed – We knew who the main threat on offense was for the Georgia Bulldogs, true freshman running back Nick Chubb. That didn’t seem to matter as Chubb ran all over the Cards for 266 yards and 2 touchdowns. He set records as well. I believe they said it was the most rushing yards by a Georgia player in a bowl game, as well as a Belk Bowl record. He was just incredible. Even with Georgia not having a great quarterback in any part of the game, Chubb was a beast. I think they will be just fine without Todd Gurley next season. Louisville just had trouble all game bringing him down.

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Bobby Petrino Talks Belk Bowl at Media Day

Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino spoke with the media on Monday afternoon in Charlotte at the media day for the Belk Bowl. The Cards will take on the Georgia Bulldogs tonight at 6:30 pm ET.

Video from

Louisville’s Belk Bowl Experience About More Than Just Football

Video from ACC Digital Network. Looks like the Cards have made the most of their time in Charlotte so far.

Coach Pitino Talks Kentucky Game, UK Fans at Yum, and More

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

Coach Rick Pitino spoke to Terry Meiners on Monday afternoon about the Kentucky game, a lineup change, and more. You can click the link and listen to the interview, or check out the full transcript below from

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5 Thoughts From the Louisville-Kentucky Game



One of the main reasons I have this website is to be able to voice my opinion and have a forum to do it on. Rather than send 50 tweets or make a Facebook status (which I rarely do about sports anymore) about a particular game, it is easier to be able to make a post on here, where I have all the room that I need. If people choose to read it, then that’s great. If not, well I still survive so it’s OK.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Louisville-Kentucky basketball game on Saturday afternoon. Like I did a few times during football season, this will be a post of thoughts from me without watching the replay yet on TV. It is always different being at the game or watching at home, where you can hear the announcers and probably have more information. I am not sure I will watch the game again, but these are just 5 thoughts that stick out just from being at the game and seeing it only once.

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Kentucky fans can get off their “flopping” high horse after this video

Even with the two best defensive teams in America on the floor yesterday it seems as all the talk has been about the “Chris Jones Flop”. Did Jones flop? Yes? Is he the first person to ever do it? No.

Let me take you back to last year when the King of Pout himself, Mr. Andrew (you stay in this (expletive) huddle) Harrison pulled one of the all time flops:

So I say keep doing what you do Chris Jones and Andrew…………………….man learn how to sell it!!


Highlights: Louisville vs Kentucky

The Cards fell to the Cats by 8 but most, like myself, came away feeling pretty good about Louisville’s chances to be in Indy.

Louisville Football’s NASCAR Ride-Along Experience (Video)

The Cards took a little time out from there preparation for Georgia this Tuesday to experience a ride in a professional NASCAR. Lorenzo Mauldin is your host as the Cards fulfill their need for speed!

Pregame Post: Louisville vs Kentucky

Louisville Kentucky

I don’t have much time this morning, but I had to get up some sort of pregame post about the game today. This one will focus around a particular question I have been asked far too many times this week: “Do you think Louisville has a chance on Saturday?” Um, yes. If you know anything about rivalry games, particularly this one, you wouldn’t even have to ask that question.

This isn’t exactly a 1 seed against a 16 seed in the NCAA Tournament. This is the #4 team in the country on their home floor against the #1 team and in-state rival. Now I am well aware that this Kentucky team is supposed to be unlike any other that college basketball has ever seen. I just posted yesterday that their starting 5 is taller than every starting 5 in the NBA, which is pretty remarkable to me. But one of the two NBA teams that were tied for being the tallest were the Philadelphia 76ers, who are 4-24 this season. Height doesn’t mean everything.

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Cards Have a Tall Order to Face Against the Cats

Photo: Mark Zerof, USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Mark Zerof, USA TODAY Sports

When the Cards and Cats take the court on Saturday afternoon in one of the most anticipated regular season games of the season, Kentucky will do so with a significant height advantage. This is a pretty well-known fact, however I feel it is still worth noting. I knew Kentucky overall was just tall, but looking at the heights side by side, it is pretty staggering.

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ESPN’s Jay Bilas says the Cards must do 3 things to win against UK

Jay Bilas will call Saturday’s annual match up between the Cards and the Cats this weekend and offered up his scouting report of both teams. Bilas praises UK’s defense but says “If not for Kentucky, the Cardinals would be considered the best defensive team in the country”. Bilas goes on to give the Cards 3 keys to victory:

Louisville keys

1. The Cardinals must be aggressive and force turnovers to generate scoring opportunities off its defense, and also force Kentucky to shoot over the top of its half-court defense.

2. Louisville must send all five guys to the defensive glass and not allow Kentucky to get second shots.

3. Louisville has to penetrate and kick it, as well as knock down open shots. The Cardinals cannot afford an average to poor shooting game against Kentucky. The Cardinals are 303rd in the nation in 3-point shooting percentage (29.0). Guys like Rozier and Blackshear have to make perimeter shots for the Cards to get a win at home.

I believe the Cards do all these things and win the game on Saturday and most importantly I’m glad to hear the “King of Swag” Jay Bilas will be on the call!

Watch some of the best UofL vs UK basketball games in full

It’s the eve of the annual Rivalry game against UK so what better time to go back and relive some of the greatest games!

1983 Dream Game 

2014 NCAA Sweet Sixteen

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Dahu Green Opens Up Recruitment



Highly touted wide receiver prospect Dahu Green tweeted earlier that he has opened up his recruitment, but will still consider Louisville.

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Michael Dyer Ruled Academically Ineligible

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

Right after the men’s basketball game ended on Tuesday night against Cal State Northridge, UofL twitter didn’t turn all of its attention to the Kentucky basketball game. Instead, news came out from ESPN680 radio that running back Michael Dyer would not play for the Cards in next week’s Belk Bowl. So then, the speculation started about why.

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Gerod Holliman’s 2014 Season Highlights

Hopefully he adds to the highlights next Tuesday!

Will the Vegas line for Louisville vs Kentucky be lower than most think?


It’s rivalry week and that means it is time to break down everything humanly possible about this years edition of the game. With that said Drew Deener of ESPN680 had on Pat Marrow from the Vegas gambling site Bovada to discuss the line for Saturday’s game. Most guesses I have heard the past few weeks have had the Cats around the 8 point line BUT not so fast my friend. According to Marrow look for UK to open up at 2-2.5 point favorites for the game. Marrow did say that line could be bet up to 3-4 but still much close than most were expecting.

Why so low you ask? Marrow praised the home court advantage of the Cards saying that will play a major role in the outcome of this game. Marrow also went on to say that at Rupp or at a Neutral Site Kentucky is still only around a 5 point favorite to win the game. Look do lines really mean anything? No. However I have to say that isn’t too bad of a line for a game the Cards have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF WINNING. See you Saturday Cats 🙂 #L1C4

55…Kinda 12/22/14


What’s going on CardNation? I know what you are thinking. Mannnnnnnnn it’s been a long time since we got an edition of 55. Well in a few weeks the 2015 season of 55 will be up and rolling. Every year I choose to work a seasonal job for some extra Xmas cash. I liked the place I worked last year so much I decided to grace them with my presence (not presents) once again. I have worked an astonishing 25 straight days without a day off and all of those but one were 10 hour shifts. It will be a nice Xmas in the Wahman house this year to say the least. I will get my shoutouts to the crew at Fanatics and then into some business in this edition of 55…kinda. Shout-outs to my crew at Fanatics (AKA NFL/ Jess, Leah, Tyler, Renaaaado. White James (his nickname he gave himself), Lucky Charms, Cody, R Kelly, Alonzo, Momma J, Misty, Debbie, Elaine, Penny, Nathan, Aaron, Rhonda and Mustachio. I think that’s all. If I forgot you then please remind me tomorrow at work and I will pretend to care. Without further adieu, here are the most ridiculous, outlandish, interesting or just downright obnoxious things I have heard this week. THIS is 55…..kinda. This video is for my buddy E Sosa…….

ahhh, now we can begin,

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The ACC suspends Montrezl Harrell for Cal State Northridge

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

The ACC handed down a one game suspension to Montrezl Harrell for the incident this past Saturday during the Cards game at WKU. Harrell will miss this Tuesday’s game against Cal State Northridge but will be in uniform when Louisville host UK this Saturday.