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The “Hall of Famers” (Krzyzewski, Pitino, Williams and Boeheim) Video

On top of being the best basketball league in America the ACC will without a doubt have the best coaches. Part of this is do to the 4 Hall of Fame coaches at the top¬†Krzyzewski (Duke), Pitino (Louisville), Williams (UNC) and Boeheim (Syracuse). The ACC Digital Network recently got all four guys together to do a few shorts they called “The Hall of Famers”:

My thoughts from the Louisville-Syracuse game!


By Justin Renck:

WOW! Well that was an exciting game, to say the least. In the first half, it looked like Syracuse could not miss a shot. They even banked in a 3! Even when we got down 16, I wasn’t worried. However, I did think “Well, it is just destiny for Syracuse to win this last game.” But still, I know what kind of team we have. We go on 6-0 and 8-0 runs all the time. It would just take one of those to get some momentum back and make it a game again, and that’s what happened. This team never quit, they never do at all. So I never quit believing in them, ever.

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Big East Championship: This is it!

Big East Basketball Tournament - Second Round - St John's v Villanova

By Justin Renck:

The Louisville Cardinals are heading to the ACC soon. That is great for football, we all know that. It is even great for some of our other sports. For basketball, it means we get to play Duke and North Carolina every year, and of course Syracuse, Notre Dame,¬†and Pittsburgh as well. So basketball will be very exciting as well. However, let’s enjoy tonight. In fact, let’s enjoy this whole day while the anticipation builds up. Our team is playing in a very special game tonight, and I am not sure we really know how big it is right now. It may take some time and we will look back and say “Wow, we were apart of that final Big East Tournament game.”

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