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Lamar’s Stardom Was Inevitable


While we were doing the Cardinal Sports Zone show this morning on ESPN 93.9FM THE VILLE, (cheap pop) I saw a video clip come on GameDay. It was about Lamar Jackson & his rise to stardom. I got home and watched it & knew I had to share. I hope you enjoy.

CSZ On 93.9 The Ville 10-1-16 With Marques Maybin THE John Ramsey

93.9 The Ville

We had a great time on this mornings episode of the Cardinal Sports Zone on 93.9 The Ville! But you already knew that because you tuned into the sunrise to sun down coverage of THE biggest road game in Louisville history as the #3 Louisville Cardinals face off in Death Valley vs the #5 Clemson Tigers! Your host Steve Rummage, Social media guy Jeremy Wahman and the greatest co-hosts in the history of the show, Marques Maybin & THE MAN John Ramsey joined us and it was every bit as glorious as you would have assumed. We talked UL/Clemson, John gave us multiple Ali impersonations (My Favorite) plus talked big play scenarios and re-played a segment from John Ramsey’s show where he talked with Men’s Head Basketball Coach Rick Pitino! Predictions, Lamar talk and much much more! It was the most fun time we have had yet.

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Keith Kelsey Feature On Sports Center


This just in. Keith Kelsey is a great person. If you watched the feature done on him that aired tonight you will agree. If you don’t then you have no soul. The entire family is great. I met the Kelseys a few years back at a home game. They didn’t know me from anyone. They seen my 55 Tshirt & talk sparked. That was when I had to tell the family my shirt wasn’t in support of their son entirely but that it was a marketing tool for my website & my massive, unearned ego. (not really but..) I thought an awful lot about Keith though from the day he stepped foot on campus. The memorable commitment video all the way up until now, he has always been a class act. The entire family is amazing. I texted his dad after the sportscenter feature aired and he said: I lost it. I would have too had I not been in a room with other people trying to be cool. Here is the feature that aired live about Keith and his weekly Monday visits to the hospital to visit retired Air Force Don Wheatley who has an aggressive form of Leukemia. Words from me cannot describe the story. Here is the Video.

The Rise Of Louisville Football


Our good friends at the ACC Digital Network put together another great video. They document the rise of Louisville Football over the years & it’s pretty awesome. Enjoy!

2016-17 Mens Basketball Photo Shoot

Keith Kelsey Interview On SportsCenter Tonight


Tune in tonight to SportsCenter at 7pm for University of Louisville Senior Linebacker Keith Kelsey. He will be featured in a very special interview on ESPN.

Uniform Report: Clemson

American Football Close up on Field with yard lines in the distance

Here’s the uniform combo for our matchup vs Clemson.


ESPN Experts Pick The Game


So I thought I would pass this along. After letting Andrea Adelson know that she was my soul friend at gameday, she has broken my heart. I thought about making a snarky comment about how I should have put experts in parentheses but because of Double A, I didn’t. I stumbled upon this list of experts who picked the game between the University of Louisville Cardinals & the Clemson Tigers. David Hale picked us to beat Marshall 1 million to 6 (or something like that) so I’m not sure how to take him. But the rest agreed, the favorite is going down. If it makes you feel better I have the Cards winning 34-17. Here’s the “experts” picks. I almost made it all of the way through.



ACC Powerhouse Clash



This latest video from the ACC Digital Network highlights the epic match up on Saturday night between the #3 Cards & the #5 Tigers.

Defensive Press Conference 9/28

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

Here is the video footage from today’s press conference.

Next Up In 60: Clemson

UofL/Clemson Hype Video



Another hype video is out and trust me you cannot get enough hype videos when your team is doing well. Here’s the latest from Campus Insiders. Enjoy!

Help THE Redbird Win Best Fan Ever Contest



OK CardNation, It is time to get behind your peeps. Our guy Gary “THE Redbird” has entered into a contest for best fan ever contest. It is up to you to help him carry on to victory. Go to this link: and help out our guy. GO Cards!

Simply Lamarvelous



For the national media, Lamar Jackson has exploded onto the scene. For those of us close to the Ville we have seen it all along. Flashes against Auburn, Clemson & A&M last year to down right dominance through 4 games this year. He was asked what the biggest difference was between this year and last year to which he responded: I know the entire playbook now. Amazing. He may be a Football player but has fancied himself as a grader of performances. D’s and F’s he has given himself this year. Glad his grading doesn’t determine whether or not he can play. Maybe the single most dynamic player we have even seen here at Louisville and he is just a Sophomore. Some people call him the Football version of Russdiculous. Some have in fact dubbed him Lamarvelous. The shoe fits though. Taking on many defenders at a time and taking the ball to the goal(line), he really does mirror the Louisville legend of the hardwood. We are in for some exciting times here in the Ville so I believe we should sit back, relax and let this season sink in. Leave the trash talking to the guys who need to do that to prove something. We don’t need to talk in press conferences. We don’t need to talk on Twitter. Louisville Football does all the talking on the field.


Some national people have said that he has taken the national scene by storm. ESPN’s Adam Scarborough posted an article today that explains from the national perspective how Lamar has come from nowhwere. I hope you enjoy.

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“Hand Him The Heisman”

Lamar Jackson


CBS Sports Analyst Adam Schein made a pretty bold statement on his show and it has Louisville fans buzzing. This was before the Marshall game. Wonder what they will say after that performance!




Jackson Vs Watson: Next Gen QB

Here is the latest video from the ACC Digital Network spotlighting the match up of the Lamar Jackson from the #3 Cards vs DeShaun Watson from the #5 Tigers. They go through the progression of the dual threat quarterback and the evolution of the position. From Fran Tarkenton to Cam Newton. It’s been quite the progression once you see it. I hope you enjoy!

Louisville Football Presser 9/27

American Football Close up on Field with yard lines in the distance

New Lord Kayoss BluRay: FSU



It’s time once again for a little KAYOSS! Of course whenever the Cards have a big game our guy LK comes through for us bigly! (sorry for the debate joke) Head to his site and grab one of the special edition blu-rays for only $25! It includes the entire game, Showtime Documentary, Game day broadcast plus much much more! Click on this link, enter password cardnation & enjoy!

Bobby Petrino Clemson Week Presser

1Bobby Petrino

Here is this weeks presser where Coach Petrino addresses the teams performance vs Marshall, this weeks game vs Clemson & how much he loves his job. Enjoy!

Lamar’s Legend (Highlight Video)