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By:Steven Rummage

Let me start of by saying I’m extremely excited about the team being back on twitter, I believe it gives the fans a great chance at really getting connected with all the guys. But I have to admit there is still apart of me that is not fulfilled by this and wont be until one thing happens, and that is when Rick Pitino gets on Twitter. I think this would be huge for the fans to get a closer look into what makes Coach tick. All of CardNation understands we have a great Coach but I’m not sure they all realize how great a Human being we have leading our program. Coach Pitino is everything that is right about College Basketball,  from holding out Derek Anderson due to potential injury (costing himself a National Title) to advising players to do whats right for their familys and go Pro when he could have easily used them on the following years team. Coach expressed the phrase “Louisville First” and he has backed it up. As a Louisville fan its a blessing to never have to worry about probation’s or  wrong doings in the program and we never will as long as Pitino is on our sideline, and that’s something that should never be taken for granted.

So what would it mean to have Coach on Twitter?

He probably would not have the Swag of Bilas:







Nor would he have the “Creepy” factor of Tom Crean

tom crean







But what Coach would have is excellent sound advice about how to be a better person and to lead in life and not follow. I truly believe we could all be better people with Coach Pitino on Twitter.

So I’ll leave you with this: As the final seconds of the National Championship game began to tick down and the realization that the Louisville Cardinals were about to be Champions sank in, I like most began to shed many a tear. This had been something most of us had waited for our whole life, but also we shed a tear because we all knew Coach Pitino deserved this. Since Pitino got to Louisville we have seen him at his all time highs and we have seen him stand up like a man and face adversity when he was at his all time low, but all the while never once blaming anyone or making excuses. He has done everything exactly how it should be done and it was great seeing him rewarded for that. So I ask all of you lets get #GetPitinoOnTwitter trending and lets let Coach know we love him and want to know what he has to say. Louisville First Cardinals Forever

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