Cardinal Countdown: Top 10 Football Games


By: Steven Rummage

There have been many great games in the History of Louisville football but I have narrowed down the list to ten. Now these are completely my (Steven’s) opinion so feel free to let me know any you think I missed.

10. Louisville vs Wake Forest (Orange Bowl)- I gotta be honest the only reason this is on my list is because it was the first ever BCS bowl for the University of Louisville. The Cards had nothing to gain in this game and to be honest it wasn’t very exciting.

9. Louisville vs Miami (2004)- I cant put this game higher than 9 because we lost and I’m a homer. But this Thursday night game was one of the most hyped games in a long time and before the night was over people knew The University of Louisville was back and ready to contend!

8. Louisville vs Rutgers (2012)- Has there ever been a more emotional game?! Teddy “SuperMan” coming in on 1 Arm and 1 Leg and leading the Cards to the Sugar Bowl! Oh and because I still hold a grudge with Rutgers (See #2)

7. Louisville vs Memphis (2004)– This game a a flat out shoot out that went to the wire and included the most amazing 1 yard run ever by Michael Bush.

6. Louisville vs Miami (2006)- Prime Time, ABC 3:00, Saturday, Stomping of the Bird, and the Cards showed out!!

5. Louisville vs Alabama (Fiesta Bowl)- The Cards weren’t supposed to be there and by the end of the game the Crimson Tide were wishing they weren’t.

4. Louisville vs Boise State (Liberty Bowl)- Maybe the best over all “Game” on the list. This one had it all and the whole nation watched as the 2 most prolific Offenses in the nation went at it.

3. Louisville vs Florida St (2002)– Top 5 FSU came in with all there “Swag” ready to continue on their road to the National Championship but the Cards ended all that in a matter of a couple hour as they literally brought the Thunder and burst on the scene and proclaimed Cardinal Football was here! (Raise your hand if you torn down the goal post)

2. Louisville vs West Virginia (2006 “BlackOut”)- The entire nation watched as two top 5 Big East teams battled for a chance to play for a national championship. PJCS was Blacked Out by the fans and literally by the lights but the Cards came out on top and had Championship hopes…….until the next week >:/ (I will always hate Rutgers)

1. Louisville vs Florida (Sugar Bowl)- One of the two greatest days in my Cardinal life! Enough Said.

Honorable Mention

Louisville vs Kentucky (2000 Lightning Game)

Louisville vs Virginia Tech (Gator Bowl)

Lousivlle vs West Virginia (2011)

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