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Michael Dyer 4

By Daryl Foust:

I wouldn’t say it was a ‘dire situation’ (pun intended) to add Michael Dyer to the Louisville roster this upcoming season. Louisville has just been voted the conference favorite to win the AAC for what I like to call a buffer year until we pack our bags in 2014. Don’t get me wrong, like Teddy said on ESPN First Take with Stephen A Smith, teams aren’t going to lay down for the Cards. But I think it is unanimous that the Sugar Bowl champs have a very weak schedule ahead of them until they head to the ACC, where we will call home for what I hope is a good while.

With Heisman hopeful Teddy Bridgewater returning for his (likely) last season with the Cards, as well as the majority of the Sugar Bowl Champions, it seems almost absurd that the Cards will add the 2011 BCS National Champion MVP to the roster. My gripe is Dyer’s off the field struggles, which include being kicked off the team at Arkansas state and leaving Auburn after suspension for similar difficulties with the law and coaches.

Teddy Bridgewater is already at the top of Mel Kiper’s Big Board for the NFL draft after the season. All in all, I think the dire situation is that Michael Dyer needs the Cards more than the Cards need Michael Dyer, and not just on the field but his actions off the field as well. Dyer has to potential to make Teddy a better player and vice versa. This could be the perfect storm.

However, I think that an opportunity is at our doorstep. Michael Dyer is looking to start fresh after his rough history at the collegiate level. He took a year off from the game and is urging to get back in hopes to continue his career after the NCAA game. But he has a lot of grounds to prove with his fans, critics, and coaches considering his past troubles with the law and his teams. Who better to give Dyer a chance than Coach Strong, Teddy, and Cardnation?

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