Could Cornell be the most boring team of all time??


This is normally the part of the day where Justin, Jeremy, or myself will write a piece about the opposing school regarding trash talk or something outlandish they have done. Last night I sat down to do just that and I FOUND…………………………………..Nothing. That’s right, nothing! No trash talk, no wild pictures or crazy tweets; just a group of very nice respectful young men. So let’s take a look at what I did find:

First there is the headline picture: Pretty self explanatory

They have a kid with the last name Tarwater….thats right Tar Water

Oh and TarWater is either not a very good at evaluating talent or a Genius:

Really 15,419 RETWEETS 3,700 FAVORITES Looks like he could be the latter.

Robert Hatter is a Bow Tie guy:


And last but not least Guard Nolan Cressler and Tar Water are in Louisville

And that may honestly be all thats in Louisville

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