Russell Athletics Bowl it is!! Now against who??

russell athletics

After the Cards win Thursday we found out they would be accepting a bid to the Russell Athletics Bowl in Orlando Florida. This is where the real question comes in: When the Cards line up in Orlando who will be on the other side of the ball? There are 3 realistic expectations here so lets take a look:

duke football

1. Duke

The Duke Blue Devils have had a great season beating both of the teams that will be #2 and #3 on this list but they are still “Duke Football.” The same Duke football that along with UK football find themselves at the butt of many jokes across the college football landscape. I just feel that this would be Wake Forest all over again, nothing to gain and everything to lose…No Thanks.


2. Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech would give the Cards a higher profile game for sure and would be a more respected win. Then of course there is a small revenge factor as we all remember this:

Tech’s Defense would test the Cards offense and would treat the fans to a game we may not see for a few more years.

miami 2

3. Miami

I would say if you poll the players this is the game they want. We all know the Cards have numerous players from  Dade County and this would be a special one for them. With the rumor that the Cards could open up with the Canes next year this game could really rejuvenate an already budding rivalry. This game could also have big implications off the field in recruiting. Charlie would have a nice pitch from now to signing day if the Cards but a whipping on the Canes and do it again in August and September. And of course UofL and Miami always create some magic when they meet on the gridiron so count me in for this one.

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