UofL vs UK position battles: Small Fowards

Louisville Kentucky

All this week we will be breaking down the match-ups at each position for the Louisville vs Kentucky basketball game for this Saturday December 28. Today we continue with the shooting guard position.

Point Guard Position Battle

Shooting Guard Position Battle


Louisville vs Kentucky by by Tim Girton

Wayne Blackshear

Season Avg:

Points: 10.3

Assists: 0.6

Rebounds: 3.0

Steals: 1.4

Turnovers: 0.4

Louisville vs Syracuse by by Tim Girton

Luke Hancock

Season Avg:

Points: 7.8

Assists: 1.3

Rebounds: 1.8

Steals: 0.5

Turnovers: 0.7



James Young

Season Avg:

Points: 13.4

Assists: 1.7

Rebounds: 3.8

Steals: 0.8

Turnovers: 2.1


Alex Poythress

Season Avg:

Points: 4.7

Assists: 0.7

Rebounds: 6.0

Steals: 0.3

Turnovers: 0.8

My Outlook

The Small Forward battle will be the most evenly matched of all in this game. The Cards and Cats will both put 2 very good players out there at this position at any time. If Luke Hancock was playing up to the ability we all know he can and will I would say advantage Cards no doubt, but he is not. Young and Poythress both are playing some good basketball, Poythress maybe a little better than expected and Young maybe not as good but both playing well. The X-factor here is Wayne Blackshear. Blackshear is arguably the Cards most efficient all around player right now and I look for that to be showcased Saturday. Small Advantage: Louisville


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