5 reasons I want Bobby Petrino back!


We have heard many names thrown around about who could be the next football Coach at the University of Louisville. But in my eyes there is only one and that’s Bobby Petrino. Sure James Franklin of Vandy or some of the others intrigue me and would be good hires but only one would bring us back to a level we have only tasted once and that was when he was here the last time. So here’s the 5 reasons why I want Bobby Petrino.

1. We know he can win: Petrino was extremely successful at UofL last time taking the Cards to 11 and 12 win seasons and a BCS game in just four years. And if competition is an issue, I bring to your attention his success in the almighty SEC taking Arkansas to a BCS game while having 10 and 11 win seasons. Point being say what you want about Bobby he can win and win big.

2. Bobby has Swag: Bobby is cocky and I LOVE IT! This is the guy that one year after scoring a late TD against uk took a knee on the one yard line and said “I’m just giving them what they want.” And don’t you act like you didn’t hold your head a little higher while Bobby was here….I look forward to having that CardSwag back.

3. Bobby may be the closest thing to a lifer we ever get: Think about it….James Franklin would be great but how long till he goes back to the SEC. Coordinators would probably use UofL as that “Stepping Stone” but not Bobby. Lets be honest the NFL will never touch Bobby again and now with the ACC and a Playoff it will be MUCH easier to win a National Title. Oh and Bobby will get paid!! He’s made the mistake of leaving Jurich once; he won’t do it again.

4. That Offense: Anyone that complained about Shawn Watson this year should be jumping for joy. I know we all remember the days of 50 point games and 500 yards offense! That’s what Bobby did then, now stop and think what will he do with Brown, Dyer, Christian, Towbridge, Parker, Quick, Rogers, Harris, Milton, Clark and everyone else……………………. Yea I’ll let that sink in.

5. Bobby scares Uk fans to death: Rather they admit it or not, the thought of Bobby Petrino roaming the Louisville sidelines scares them to death. They all wanted him at uk when Joker left and they know what comes next: 40-24, 28-0, 31-24, and 59-28. Yea that’s the scores of the UofL uk game all in Louisville favor 🙂 oh and did I mention he beat them at Arkansas and WKU also lol.

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