TJ Foster still Committed to Louisville (Highlights)



3 Star WR/DB TJ Foster told CSZ today that he has not heard from the Louisville coaching staff as of yet (part of which could have to do with a phone number change on his part) but still remains Committed to Louisville. At 6’2 Foster could be a lethal addition to Petrino’s wide open offense. Foster made a point to say “I love the spread offense!!” so the fit is there for sure.  Also the addition of Foster could open up the South Carolina pipeline which could be vital heading into the ACC.

Foster isn’t the only prospect that hasn’t heard from the coaching staff. As Justin Renck posted earlier 4* Safety Nilijah Bellew and others are yet to hear from the new head Coach. Don’t be alarmed just yet though, this is normal in the process of changing coaches and we expect all of the current commits to hear from the staff in the next day or so.

You Can follow TJ Foster on Twitter @TjFoster2

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