All you need to know about new UofL DC Todd Grantham


According to multiple sources Louisville hired Georgia DC Todd Grantham to the same position here…………………..Yes you read that right. So now that we know who the DC will be, just who is Todd Grantham? Well here is your answer:

1. When Todd Grantham gets angry he likes to punk James Franklin:

2. Todd Grantham has an impressive coaching resume

Virginia Tech (DE/ILB)
Virginia Tech (DT)
Virginia Tech (DL)
Michigan State (DL)
Indianapolis Colts (DL)
Houston Texans (DL)
Cleveland Browns (DC)
Dallas Cowboys (DL)
Georgia (DC)
Louisville (DC)

3. Todd Grantham was also Accociate Head Coach at UGA

4. Todd Grantham’s Defenses at UGA ranked 23rd in 2010, 5th in 2011, 32nd in 2012, and 45th in 2013

5. Todd Grantham was a finalist for the Eagles and Saints DC positions in 2013

6. Did I mention Todd Grantham gets angry?



7. Todd Grantham runs the 3-4 Defense

With all that said Todd Grantham is a muscle flex hire from UofL and a big one at that. The Cards just strolled down to the SEC and took a DC that was making 825K a year and PAID HIM MORE! I would say good days are ahead my friends.

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