Louisville Football Visitor List 1/31

Bobby Petrino

Here is the list of visitors for the University of Louisville football program this weekend. There are 12 total targets, including 3 Junior College players.

2014 Targets

Cornelius Sturghill Cornelius Sturghill– 3* cornerback from Memphis, TN. Current Wisconsin commit. 5’11   167 lbs

Sean Bowens Sean Bowens– 3* linebacker from Port St. Lucie, FL. 6’2   221 lbs

Lukayus McNeail Lukayus McNeil– 3* offensive tackle from Indianapolis, IN. 6’7   270 lbs

Sharieff Rhaheed Sharieff Rhaheed– 4* outside linebacker from Fort Pierce, FL. 6’2   202 lbs

Steve Ishmael Steve Ishmael– 3* wide receiver from North Miami Beach, FL. 6’2   175 lbs

Charles Standberry Charles Standberry– 3* tight end/wide receiver from Montgomery, AL. 6’3   205 lbs

Davon Witherspoon– safety from Hollywood, FL. 6’4   200 lbs

Derrian Meminger Derrian Meminger– 2* defensive lineman from Sparta, GA. 6’4   270 lbs

Jordan Gandy Jordan Gandy– wide receiver from Athlens, AL. 6’4   200 lbs

2014 JUCO’s

Quincy McKinney Quincy McKinney– 3* offensive lineman from Hutchinson, Kansas. (Hutchinson C.C.) 6’4   310 lbs

Tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith (80) (Photo by Philip Williams) Ty Flournoy-Smith– 3* tight end from Milledgeville, GA. 6’3   245 lbs

Isaiah Riddle Isaiah Riddle– 3* linebacker from Scottsdale, AZ. 6’3   235 lbs

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