Did the Cards really get a bad draw?

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Shock. That’s what most of CardNation including myself felt when Louisville was announced the 4 seed in the Midwest bracket. A bracket that will go down as one of the all time hardest including 3 of last years final four (Louisville, Wichita St., and Michigan) and the Cards hated rival Uk. Every analyst on ESPN and CBS last night went out of their way to talk about the difficulty of this bracket BUT after the dust settled and the shock wore off I have come to a conclusion……the Cards got a pretty good draw.


Yes I know this bracket is LOADED with good teams but I also know the Cards only have to play 4 games.

The first weekend draw is about as good as you can ask for:

Manhattan: Lets be real I love coach Steve Massiello, and was hoping to be able to root them on, but his Manhattan Jaspers will be completely outmatched in the first game.

Saint Louis, NC State, or Xavier: Outside of TJ Warren of NC State being a possible match-up problem for the Cards all 3 of these teams are extremely beatable for the Cards. Other 4 seeds in the dance have to deal with the likes of Cincinnati, VCU,  and Oklahoma in the round of 32. Basically go ahead and get your tickets in Indy while they are still cheap.


The Second weekend is where the competition steps up a few notches for the Cards but also presents favorable match-ups.

Wichita St. or UK: Let me start by saying Lucas Oil Stadium will be an insane atmosphere next Friday regardless of the match up here but a possible UofL Uk game in Indy will be epic. Uk is the one team in this bracket that I think poses some match-up problems for the Cards BUT they are also a team that has lost to the likes of LSU, South Carolina, and Arkansas.

If the Cards end up playing the #1 seed Wichita St. you have to feel good as a Louisville fan. Of all the 4 seeds to play this has to be the one you would want to see in the Sweet 16. Not taking anything away from the Shockers but if this were Florida or Arizona I think we would all be sweating a little harder.

Oh and did I mention Rick Pitino has never lost in the Sweet 16?

Duke or Michigan: Michigan is an excellent game for Louisville. Yes they have the revenge factor but the Cards should be able to over power the Wolverines at nearly every position.

With a guy like Jabari Parker you can never count out Duke but this is one of the few instances the Cards could actually use size to their advantage. Duke plays VERY small and with the emergence of SVT this one could get ugly.

March Madness Factor: I mean would anyone really be that surprised if we were playing Kansas St. in the Sweet 16? or Texas in the Elite 8?  I for one would not because it is MARCH and you just never know.


So When you look at the 4 seeds roads like this:

Midwest: St. Louis, Wichita St., Michigan

South: VCU, Florida, Kansas

East: Cincinnati, Virginia, Iowa St.

West: Oklahoma, Arizona, Wisconsin

Do you feel as bad about the Cards draw? See you guys in Dallas. #L1C4

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