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This is my second day off of only two days in the past 4 months. I’m trying to recover from what the hell I just experienced. I took a leap over Christmas ‘break’ when I saw an ad for the Derby Festival looking for an intern for the 2014 season and completed my junior year with the credit hours to be a student and a half. Umm yeah. We all think we’re pretty busy, right? No, no, no. A moment of silence for my finals, please.
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I’m already a huge Louisville fan. Not just of my University, but of my city. So I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to work with a staple organization in my own community. Of course the one event that I jumped to help with was the Derby Basketball Classic. Some of the nation’s premier athletes come to the ‘Ville to participate. Fitting, I attended the game as a sports information runner. An exclusive seat to observe the talent who chose to play for the Cards next season as well as incoming freshman for a number of universities; Notre Dame, Ohio State, UCLA, and Florida to name a few.

info runner

One player particularly stuck out to me from the event.. Keita Bates-Diop coming in for Ohio State. He was paired with our man and my number four Quentin Snider for the two on two tournament. Here’s video from that event…

Lo and behold, the upcoming ACC/Big Ten challenge matchup paired as teammates. Here’s the face I’ll be making if we lose that game..


For the record, this was not a set-up. The two on two teams were chosen out of a hat. I know because I was at that meeting. And in case you were wondering… no, they arent facing Drake out there on the court. Brandone Francis is wearing #5 and is heading down south to play for Billy Donovan’s Florida Gators. Even though Ohio State was a first round exit from last season’s tournament, THE name is what we can add to our strength of schedule; which is already at the pinnacle of college competition.

I teared up the day I found out we were going to the ACC. I ONLY EVER WANTED TO GO TO ACC. For the football reason…. Don’t even get me started on the basketball reason. Hey, we’re competitive in football… Thank you Charlie Strong for the strong foundation to position us in our new ACC home. I know I was the ‘ex girlfriend’ there for a bit, but now I realize you made us/me better.

Think about this real quick… The ACC is now home to the premiere coaches ranking in the top 25 in salary at the collegiate level Rick Pitino (5.7 million), Roy Williams (1.8 million), Mike Krzyzewski (9.5 million), Jim Boeheim (1.8 million) and the tradition of facility atmospheres like Cameron Indoor, Dean Smith Center, Yum Center, the Carrier Dome and lets top it all off with the conference tournament heading to Madison Square Garden.


Another summer challenge of mine began today: to run 4 miles. If you knew me you’d know what a feat this is. I’ve never been a runner. I started running because there was a time I told myself I couldn’t. Being a fulltime softball player, I was only ever a short distance runner. After high school I did what I said I would never do; I stopped my only physical activity and gained 30 pounds. I decided to try something new and taught myself how to run. This coming from someone who couldn’t/wouldn’t run for a 1/4 mile, this was a long-term goal and today I haven’t stopped pounding the pavement for 4 years now. So yeah, four miles. About 45 minutes of running, you spend the entire time in your head; thinking. Thinking about the miles ahead and usually where I write the rough draft of what I’m saying to you right now. Next week I’ll be running for the L of it around Louisville’s campus. Anyone is welcome to join. If you want to join my crew the team name is Sports Killustrated. Students $13, Non-students $33.


Till next time, this is Four Your Information.

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