4 Your Info; a Renaissance


A rebirth for the University of Louisville, if you will.


I wanted to wait until after the baseball game to post again. I just hoped it would have been next week. I would’ve anyways now that I think about it… It’s been too long. I just wish I had better news to share. Hello again, Cardnation. Dan McDonnell and the Cards baseball team are headed home and safely out of the tornado alley of Nebraska.. no trophies seatbelted in for the ride after a second consecutive Omaha appearance.

Freakin Texas.


Happy Father’s Day to those around the ‘Ville. I know this segment of my series is reaching #cardnation belated but a happy wish is never unaccepted, right? I don’t typically express these wishes over social media so I wanted to express my love for all the dads and especially Daddy Foust right now. The man who taught me how to love; how to love my mother, how to love myself and how to love football. I remember when dad would watch the Miami Dolphins play back when I started high school in 2005 and started becoming interested in the game. 76 days till the Cards kick off their first game in the Atlantic Coast Conference against another Miami team, the Hurricanes. Back to back meetings with this team for our guys. I’m hoping for a repeated routing. If the nation knows anything about Bobby Petrino, it’s that he loves to score. No pun intended there, Coach.


At least Coach P thinks I’m funny… So here we are 23….


22 was a fantastic year. I ran my first 5k, premiered my first movie, got my first check from ESPN, got my first job in the sporting industry with the Cincinnati Reds organization, and was recruited to be a part of the Cardinal Sports Zone team to begin my career in journalism. **sidenote** I kid you not as I’m writing this now Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again” begins to play on my Pandora shuffle. I believe everything happens for a reason. They say no one likes you when you’re 23… Dang. This year should be interesting.

I know I’ve talked about the things I never was before… I’ve never been a big reader. A true ‘sit down open a good book reader’. My grandma is… So I decided to read Coach Pitino’s book “Rebound Rules” that I got for Christmas a couple years ago. Reading that book was one of those moments for me where several things just clicked. Reading something from a voice you admire is one of the most important messages one could receive.

In an interview with the Men’s Head Soccer Coach, Ken Lolla, last year, he asked if I were much of a reader. I told him that honestly while in school I’m more of a textbook reader because I need the information to pass classes and time was an issue for me. Coach Lolla then advised that I spend at least 15 minutes per day reading something positive and motivating. He went on to explain that we as people are exposed to so many negative messages through social media, news shows and other outlets that we also need to take in the good and refocus our thoughts. And I’m at a point in my life where I’m going to take every piece of advice I can get and genuinely apply it. Especially from people around me whom I admire. I think that’s the lesson I took most to heart at age 22.

So I’ve challenged myself to read 4 books over the summer. With school being out and not having to read materials to pass classes I picked 4 books I will read this summer. These are books I’ve collected over the past year to read when I can; they were either given to me or suggested from someone I admire.

1. Coach Ps ‘One Day Contract’

2. Jon Gordon ‘The energy bus’

3. Jay Jennings ‘Carry the Rock’

4. Patrick Myler ‘Ring of Hate’


If you haven’t heard… The huge banners the read ‘University of Louisville’ on the silos amid 65 have been removed… Which for the record I am not pleased with. I remember asking my mother what the first word was. Several times. The signs held a special place in my heart. At no time was I ever like ‘hmm those do not look good, I wish they would remove it’. Even when one or two of the banners would sag or drape over covering an entire letter in the word, I was never off board of this display of pride and passion for our community’s university. I trust Tom Jurich will present #cardnation… And even #bbn with a much more fierce message with this space.

So what’s next for Louisville? I’ll repeat.. A renaissance. July 1st, 2014. See ya there?

acc celebration

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