ACC football fans don’t think very much of Louisville (Quotes)

247Sports released an article by JC Shurburtt in which he called Louisville a “Darkhorse” to make the College Football Playoff. This is something none of us really expect this year but also understand Bobby has enough pieces that it very well could happen. For that to happen the Cards would have to beat (at least win 3 of 4) FSU, Clemson, ND, and Miami. Apparently the assumption of that happening is laughable to our ACC counterparts:



“Should have just stopped at FSU.

I cannot wait for Clemson to curbstomp Bobby P’s Cards.”



“God help this conference. It’s gracious that Clemson is considered semi elite. After that it’s just a hodge podge of whatever”



(In response to Louisville Fan)

“Basketball season is over nobody takes y’all serious son”



“wat do u guys do in Louisville besides eat KFC all day?”



“If people really believed that y’all would be #2 & we would be the dark horse.. U gotta get out of Kentucky man teddy is gone”



(In response to Louisville fan claiming we can beat FSU)

“Been dreaming I see. We don’t have conservative Bobby no more, we also have a top 5 defense and offense.




“Louisville’s schedule is hard, they’ll be lucky to win 7 games.”



“Beautiful horses and fast women huh..

Must be a Louisville thing”



“I will believe Lousville when they win in the ACC.

I think they will be decent but they are not going to run roughshod through the ACC like they did in the Big Easy and AAC.

For example look at WVU – top 10 blah blah when in the Big East. Queue the Big12 schedule and they have sucked since.

Once they prove it in the ACC I will then believe it.

For the record I see 8 or 9 regular season wins for UL.”



“You will find out this year how easy you have had in the BigEasy and AAC. FSU will stomp UL mark it down”



“Actually UL spends more money on athletics than any ACC team. that combined with the worst academics by a mile in the ACC and taking every degenerate transfer(dyer, Willie Williams, JHC, etc) they can find and they still haven’t won a football championship often squeaking by powers such as Rutgers, so. Fl, temple, etc”



“I’ll bet a grand that we (Miami)  thrash sorry a** Louisville this year. No points y’all pulled it off last year with a senior laded team. Different this year plus we weren’t very talented last year in a number of positions. Much improved this year”


I know what you are thinking, well first you are probably thinking why Miami fans are even opening their mouth period but other than that, have they not watched the Cards or Bobby in the past?? Looks like the Cards will just have to do what they have made a living doing in the past…… SHUT THEM UP! #L1C4







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