Rozier tells CBS he is ready to step up this year

Rick Pitino said at his press conference what we are all expecting and that is that Terry Rozier is set up for a “Breakout year”. Rozier, who is in Vegas for the LeBron James skills academy sat down with CBS’s Jeff Borzello to talk about what he needs to to fill the shoes left my Russ Smith this season. 

From Article:

“If I told you replacing Russ would be easy, I would be lying to you,” Rozier said at the LeBron James Skills Academy. “It’ll definitely be tough. He played there for four years, and he’s tough. But that’s something that we’re doing right now, playing constantly, getting to know each other. Someone has to step up and do it.”

That someone is more than likely to be Rozier. Rick Pitino will have a young team, bringing in six freshmen and returning four sophomores – with Rozier slated to have the biggest increase in responsibility. In preparation, Rozier has added strength to his upper body, enabling him to finish through contact more effectively at the rim.

At the LeBron James Skills Academy, Rozier has demonstrated his ability to score in different ways – hitting pull-up jumpers off the bounce, getting to the rim, knocking down outside shots. He’s a very dangerous offensive player, as demonstrated by a four-game stretch last season in which he averaged 14.7 points in just 23.0 minutes.

With Smith gone, though, Rozier also sees another void that he needs to help fill.

“I just want to be a leader,” he said. “I just want to play that leadership role, because I think that’s probably what we don’t have right now. I think if someone leads the pack, everything else will come together.

“We’re going to be darn good. I’ll leave it at that.”

Well that’s enough to get me a little extra HYPE about Rozier! How about you?


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