Bobby Petrino writes an open letter to Louisville fans

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

If you needed another reason to love Bobby Petrino he gave it to you. Coach Petrino wrote the following letter to CardNation thanking us for the support during this amazing season. There is one game left and I expect that Cardinal fans will be glad to return the gratitude.

Dear Cardinals Fans:

During this hectic time with recruiting, and preparing for our fifth-straight bowl appearance, I wanted to take a moment to personally thank all of our fans for their tremendous support during our first season in the ACC. We sold out each one of our home games and provided a big-time atmosphere for our players and recruits. The electricity in the stadium for home games versus Miami, Florida State and Kentucky were one of the main reasons why Papa John’s Stadium is one of the most difficult venues to play in the country.

On the road, the 15,000 fans in Notre Dame Stadium helped our team pull through for an emotional victory. Off the field, the support from the community for the Petrino Family Foundation has touched not just me, but many families in the community. This support reinforces for me why my family and I are so proud to call Louisville home.

With a bowl announcement coming on Sunday, I ask for your continued support to come with us as we try to capture our 10th win and our third-straight bowl victory. As we conclude our first year in the ACC, lets show the country what Louisville Football is all about.

Let’s Do This,

Bobby Petrino

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  1. This is part two of my comment: I humbly request that we come up with a chant directed to Captain Narcissism himself, Calipari, along the lines of EEGO…Maniac!!! EEGO….Mainac-stomp,stomp..stomp stomp. On national tv. The poor guy hates playing true road games cause everyone isn’t puckering up to smootch his rapidly growing backside. Card fans, I beg of you, let’s get this grass roots warm reception for this delusional Amway salesman going. there is time for plenty of momentum to get rolling before tip off. I direct this message to all cards fans but especially to those fans that are leaders. The special few that have the charismatic machismo to get this from just a pleasent thought into fruition. Lets humble this bum who thinks that everybody including UL fans should get behind this collection of hamburger all stars and celebrate the way he has turned, in my opion, the best college sport into a sleazy semi professional minor leage 1 year pit stop before their ultimate hoop dreams destination, the NBA, or in Marcus Teague and many others The NBA D league. That D stands for Didnt stay in college long enough.

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