Will the Vegas line for Louisville vs Kentucky be lower than most think?


It’s rivalry week and that means it is time to break down everything humanly possible about this years edition of the game. With that said Drew Deener of ESPN680 had on Pat Marrow from the Vegas gambling site Bovada to discuss the line for Saturday’s game. Most guesses I have heard the past few weeks have had the Cats around the 8 point line BUT not so fast my friend. According to Marrow look for UK to open up at 2-2.5 point favorites for the game. Marrow did say that line could be bet up to 3-4 but still much close than most were expecting.

Why so low you ask? Marrow praised the home court advantage of the Cards saying that will play a major role in the outcome of this game. Marrow also went on to say that at Rupp or at a Neutral Site Kentucky is still only around a 5 point favorite to win the game. Look do lines really mean anything? No. However I have to say that isn’t too bad of a line for a game the Cards have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF WINNING. See you Saturday Cats 🙂 #L1C4

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