Kentucky fans can get off their “flopping” high horse after this video

Even with the two best defensive teams in America on the floor yesterday it seems as all the talk has been about the “Chris Jones Flop”. Did Jones flop? Yes? Is he the first person to ever do it? No.

Let me take you back to last year when the King of Pout himself, Mr. Andrew (you stay in this (expletive) huddle) Harrison pulled one of the all time flops:

So I say keep doing what you do Chris Jones and Andrew…………………….man learn how to sell it!!


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  1. Yeah….there’s a difference in flopping when an elbows 2 inches from your face vs. 2 feet. This is nowhere near as bad. Still on my high horse šŸ™‚

    1. You just gotta LOVE all the big blew nation fans that are always posting comments on UofL sports sites. There seems to be a lot of closet Cardinals fans out there wearing blue. Why else would they spend so much time trolling UofL sites.

      1. Could it possibly be because most Kentucky fans live in the state of Kentucky, and most Kentucky fans have at least a few friends who are Louisville fans, so they see these links and click on them? Naw, what am I saying? It’s OBVIOUSLY because we’re all obsessed with Louisville. Good call.

  2. I can not believe how Pitino can condone his kids being like Thugs, He must have known we had a great cut doctor. Anything for a win by Pitino and his young thugs and actors.

    1. You are a prime example of why I don’t like Kentucky fans. Hello do u not remember the Cousins, Wahl team?? I must say your team has had quite their share of “thugs”

      1. I don’t remember the “Wahl” team — since you know so much about this fictional player, tell me, who is this “Wahl”.

        Maybe your opinion doesn’t carry a lot of weight.

    1. Two hands on the ball and turning is aloud.. Two hands on the Ball and excessive turning/swinging of elbows is not aloud..the Tennessee player was just turning away from the defense which means there was no excessive elbows thrown and no contact was made which consults to flopping

  3. Nice try louisille fans nut nowhere near the same. Keep trying you are really making yourself look stupid.

  4. If Harrison didn’t flop out of the way that swinging elbow would have taken his head off!! Johnson didn’t even swing an elbow!! Johnson was getting fouled left & right so how about calling it like was instead of making something out of nothing jackasses!!!!!

  5. LMFAO!!! Is this the best you can do!!! Really??!! This is all you’ve got??!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Good effort though! Sore, sore losers. šŸ™‚

  6. lets not forget the mystery push that sent harrell into the stands leaving willie open for a dunk. that is a pattern. i will get off my high horse when you stop eating sour grapes.

  7. Flopping from a freshman when he gets swung at, compared to a senior who didn’t even have a shot thrown at him? Then he goes to the bench holding his jaw? And that’s after he split Tylers eye, who took it and kept playing D. Atleast the twins have changed their pouty ways Jones is what 21/22 and he pouts, scream, and moans over everything. Cal called out the twins over their body language, who is talking to Jones and Harrell?

  8. Wow dude you are really reaching here! There was an elbow involved and much closer. Andrew did need to act but not in the way you are saying. He needed to act or take action by falling back to prevent getting an elbow to the face. And thankfully i prefer my team to act out good basketball, not try to sell some bs. Chris Jones’ flop and his selling it rank right up there with soccer flops.

  9. I will say I don’t think Harrell was trying to sell being pushed. His journey into the stands appeared to be more from momentum than anything. I am not a fan of his but I think that play can be compared to the one the so-called sports writer of this article points out about Andrew!

  10. Lololol. How long do you think Hot Garbage Rummage spent on YouTube and typing UK flop, kentucky flop, etc into search bars? 45 minutes? And this is what he found? I watched it 3 times and couldn’t tell if he actually got hit or not! And then the last line? Sell it? UT guy got a flagrant for excessively throwing elbows….contact or not. So I guess you are saying Jones needs to sell it MORE??? To try and actually get the call? Your crap makes no sense. When you can’t beat us, you stoop to trying to fake fouls….AND YOU ARENT GOOD AT THAT EITHER!!! God it must suck to be UL basketball fan and just get straight owned like this. It’s so fun to watch you salty crybabies squirm and reach for anything you can try and grab on to! Domination. I don’t even think we should call you little brother anymore! You aren’t even on that level any more. LITTLE SISTER!!

  11. You a such a sore loser if you have to refer back to something that happened a year ago. Obviously, ANDREW’s flop wasn’t as dramatic as Jone’s, therefore no breaking news there!!! Losers 1st, Criminals 4ever

  12. That’s it? This is the best comeback you can come up with? How long did you spend looking for this video? Chris jones is the King of Flops. Jay Bilas called him “embarrassing” and deservingly so!

  13. At least someone was putting in some effort for the Cards. Just kidding! The Cards were trying to play. I guess all of you, including Pitino, realize you are UK Jr. in basketball. Pitino is just Cal Jr. Actually, Pitino looks too pale to pale and ashy to be Cal Jr. What is the record between those two, anyway? Pitino needs to stick to just flopping ugly waitresses over the table. Has-beens

  14. Don’t like it when anyone does it, “my players”, or yours. But this little writing piece is idiotic. Jones didn’t get away with it. So ‘keep doing it”? Idiot.

  15. Problem???

    Jones flopped twice as did Harrell.

    Louisville sucks.

    Losing 11 of 14 isn’t even a rivalry. I’d rather see Kentucky replace Louisville with a better team.

  16. Couple of things. Flopping is part of the game to get a call – childish – but part of the game. An elbow swinging is one thing but a little bitty finger is another (i.e. Jones). 1-he needs to be trained on timing 2-he flopped TWICE. 3-it was ALLLLLL over national media 4-even the local broadcaster said it was embarrassing and 5-the LOCAL paper had it on the front page in big living color and the words flop. So you can bitch and moan all you want it was embarrassing and quite funny that he got caught. Even the punk (and he is a punk) Harrell flopped, mr. tough guy. And I have to say he did show much to anyone including the national media. I was expecting way more considering he was dealing with mostly freshman.

  17. as someone who has actually eaten an elbow or 2 in my time fighting, you learn REAL fast to get the hell out of the way. that was almost a jaw breaking elbow so yes, he’s gonna get out of the way. the difference tho? Harrison didn’t walk to the bench and spend the next 5 minutes trying to act like he actually got clocked in the jaw. he walked away…done. Jones was going to an freaking Oscar with the after sell even tho they had a HUGE REPLAY ON THE BIG SCREENS. if this is the best you can come up with as a comparison…your editor REALLY needs to reconsider letting you speak in public like this. sad sad…

  18. I’m amused by this argument of “stop complaining because your players did it, too” that Louisville fans are serving up. You know what? That doesn’t diminish the fact that Chris Jones flopped horribly even though Dakari Johnson’s elbows were pulled in and nowhere near Jones’s face, and THEN he flexed his jaw for the next 2 minutes while the refs watched the replay because he knew the cameras would be on him. I’m not condoning what Andrew Harrison did against Tenenssee last season, either. I think it should be a technical foul whenever a player is caught flopping, especially on elbow swinging, and that includes players on the team I root for. PLEASE, change the rules to allow referees to call technicals for flopping.

    I also find it amusing that Tyler Ulis actually TOOK an elbow to the face, started bleeding profusely, but yet got back on defense despite his bleeding and played until the referees halted play after the ball was knocked out of bounds… and yet not even a personal foul was called on Chris Jones. But anyway, that’s another can of worms entirely.

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