March Madness; Prognostication

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Boston College

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Last time I talked about a Louisville/NC State match up, it was in anticipation of it being for the ACC title.  I declared that they would beat their opening competition, Pittsburgh, and they did that. Thinking the hunger of the Wolfpack would still be unsatisfied, or even that my Cards would do the same and make it to Saturday’s conference championship…. Neither of those things happened. Both teams failed to see a Friday game in Greensboro. 

Then, the East bracket was ravaged. 

NC state barely beats LSU.

Louisville barely beats UC irvine.

NC state upsets the number 1 seed, ‘Nova. 

Louisville dismantles the highly touted UNI panthers. 

It just felt right that Louisville would face this team again. Call it a hunch, intuition, ESP… whatever.  NC State broke the heart of  #cardnation back on Valentines Day; a win that surely put the Wolfpack in conversation for even a sniff of the big dance.       

This is the end of the road for one team. Well, 8 of them.  But let’s look at our matchup a little closer.  I wanna milk it as much as possible. Obviously, I’m not ready for basketball season to be over. 


From be4:

〰the Wolfpack doubled Louisville’s points in the paint at will of the backcourt

〰A distracted Chris Jones led the Cards with 20. 

〰 CAT BOOGERED MONTREZL; what a creep! 

〰 Terry Rozier fouled out with 5 min left in the game (I seriously don’t remember that happening… And I was there) and produced a weak 7 points.

NCAA Basketball: Division I Championship-Louisville vs Kentucky

(SB Nation)

4cast for Friday:

〰It’ll be snowing in Syracuse, but it’ll be Wayne-ing in the Carrier Dome. Wayne’s production should remain consistent on both the offense and defensive fronts. Oh captain, THY captain (***see reference below***) 

〰 All hail Rick Pitino…. Not only the name of my resume (true story), but coaching is the X factor. Pitino is 11-1 in Sweet 16 games. 

〰 Act like you’ve been there before….. Montrezl has been in the spotlight since his freshman year. The leader of the Louisville dunk is going to leave it all on the court. 

〰 Absolutely cannot have a dreaded scoring drought. If it does happen, the defense will obviously have to pick up the slack. PEDAL TO THE METAL

(***mentioned reference***)

I have included a poem composed by Walt Whitman with a Louisville #marchmadness twist. All of my additions are in (parenthesis). Why? Because, culture. A toast to Thy Wayne Blackshear. 

Feel free to search for the original poem. Feel free to create your own. 

O Captain! (Thy) Captain!

BY WALT WHITMAN (feat. Daryl Foust


(CBS Sports)

O Captain! (Thy) Captain! (our battle is not yet won),

The ‘ship (contention is back), the prize we seek (may come),

The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,

While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and (rewarding);

        But O heart! heart! heart!

            O the bleeding drops of red, 

                Where on the (court thy) Captain (tries),

                    (To become precisely what was said). 


O Captain! (Thy) Captain! rise up and hear the bells;

Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,

For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,

For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;

         Here Captain! dear (Blackshear)!

            This (name) beneath (the red)!

                 It is some dream that on the (court),

                    You (acted ’till you bled).


My Captain (will) answer, (he whips the defense to score),

(Don’t bother to defend or harm), he has no (limit for more),

The ‘ship is (fancy) and (profound), its voyage close and (fun),

From fearful trip the victor ‘ship comes in (for its final run);

       Exult (our city), and ring O bells!

         (and with true glory it was said);

             The Courier proclaim the victor captain,

                 (Risen the bold and red). 



Cant tell if he liked it…..

wayne smile


Definitely did.

2015 cards


Now, let’s see if it’s in the Cards for Louisville.

Friday, March 27th

7:37 tip-off on TBS

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