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I’ve decided to suddenly return to a summer series of my ‘Four Your Information’ for a second season. With much to say and a lack of desire to split into many 140 character Twitter posts, I’d like to check back in with the Card faithful. Let’s face it, basketball in now officially over for several months. On Thursday, Cardnation watched as the last remaining national champions, Montrezl Harrell and Wayne Blackshear, departed from the Ville to take this life thing head on.  I guess I’m in the same position. Now here’s, as I’ll call it, the ‘Starting Line Up’… Im the player & the coach.


THE STARTING LINE UP; July international


(photo: International Business Times)

Perhaps I’m in a boat of my own here when I say I can now comfortably wear a blue skirt out to the bar without giving people the wrong idea about me or paint my nails a casual hue of the shade that resembles a nation that shalt not be named. It’s almost July…The perfect time to come together as a nation and focus on the Women’s World Cup. Don’t you roll your eyes at me.

One month ago I walked across the stage at the KFC Yum! Center and shook President Ramsey’s hand in exchange for a degree in sport administration from one of the country’s top programs. I was taught the ability to observe and critique sport as a microcosm of society and my role in that industry.

So here I am… Telling you why you need to care about what I care about.

Have a get-together for the game, wear USA bandanas and watch some of the nations most veteran athletes compete on the international stage. When I say sport is a microcosm of society, I mean that the politics or issues we see in everyday life are reflected in the sporting world; Racism, drugs, and most prevalent to the day, sexual orientation.

The United States just joined a group of 20 other countries to recognize same sex marriage. Something that the country has been lagging on for years. You could say the same about the consensus of soccer among the common impatient American fan. The United States have joined a group of 24 countries to compete for the 2015 world title…a theyre a heavy favorite to do the damn thing.

Thirty five year old forward, Abby Wambach says that the US 1-0 win over China on Friday to move onto the semifinal finals is a cap on the day for the nation as finally #Lovewins. She has been married to her partner and former teammate, Sarah Huffman since 2013. She’s also made it clear that this is her last World Cup. Wambach is the United States’ all-time leading scorer with 183 international goals but her next goal is to win the 2015 Cup and then to become a mother.

Star midfielder, Megan Rapinoe is using her international visibility to promote the nonprofit Athlete Ally, which works toward “a future where sports welcome everyone, without prejudice or stereotypes, by activating athletic communities to champion LGBT equality.” -2paragraphs

THE USA faces GERMANY (the heaviest favorite) on Tuesday at 7pm!

On deck; July local 

 us soccer develop

Sticking with the times, the faithful should meet the guy I got to meet this week when I took a film and production gig in Indianapolis for the US men’s soccer development league.

I started my camera career interning with the 2012 Louisville men’s soccer team and moved onto the Louisville Bats from there. This was the season that former Card, Andrew Farrell was drafted overall number one as well as several other players moving on to become professional.  Home field was still at CardPark and I like to think I helped in some fashion to get Louisville soccer to where it is today. A new member of th Atlantic Coast Conference and sitting pretty at the shiny new Lynn Stadium on Floyd Street.

As I was scaling the scaffold for the midfield camera position, people began to fill the perimeters to watch. There were air horns, confetti guns and shirtless boys yelling loudly for their team. Topped off by 6 hot air balloons slowly raising in the background.  Absolutely fantastic.

I can spot a Louisville Cardinal from 50 yards away.  I noticed two men decked out in Card gear approaching the premises and I absolutely had to drop from the scaffold, fire fighter style, to see who these Louisville scouts were here to watch.

Without further adieu…

Cardnation, meet Tate Schmitt.
Future Forward/Outside midfielder

Age: 18

From: Phoenix Arizona
Twitter: @tateschmitt

tate schmitt

DF: What factored into your decision to become a Louisville Cardinal and play for Coach Lolla?

TS: This time last year, Ken was here recruiting we were in the playoffs, they liked me and started reaching out to me and the campus was relatively close to where we’re playing now so I took a trip down there to check it out. I thought Louisville was a great fit for me.

DF: What about Louisville that’s stood out to you

TS: The facilities. The stadium drew my attention. That’s gonna help every player get to the next level.

DF: Tell me about Coach Lolla, what do you like about him?

TS: He’s a great philosopher. He’s not just a soccer coach he’s going to help you grow as a person. Very influential, I can learn a lot from him.

DF: What are you expectations after college soccer?

TS: I definitely want to go pro. Being out here(US Development academy) you get a good chance to showcase for the scouts and coaches. It’s step by step to get to the next level.

DF: Was the move to the ACC a big thing for you?

TS: Yeah that’s another reason I choose to go to Louisville, there will be better powerhouse competition.

DF:  What do you plan on studying?

TS: Business/marketing/sports management

A very short and sweet meeting to support that I might just be on the right track. And or field.

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