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It took 4 weeks for the Cards to secure a victory in the dismal start to the 2015 season. Since I do not want to mention the team down the road with the vice versa football record, let’s just say I’m going to copy-card Jeremy’s 55 & share 4 of the most absurd and outlandish things I’ve heard this past 4 weeks.

Most of the time, I don’t jump into real life ‘Facebook arguments’ (that was oxy-moronic) anymore when it comes to things I overhear from others. I’ve found myself serving plenty of local fans over the last couple years & it’s always interesting to listen and not speak just to gain a little perspective with out the headache. Because frankly, you usually won’t change another persons mind no matter how many facts or beers you bring to the table.

1. I try to bring most of my rivalry smack talk to #KWTS (that might be outlandish enough for the rest of his post) and @darylspinkhat gets out of control sometimes (all the time)….

But I couldn’t have predicted for what had happened 4 weeks ago in Atlanta, on OR OFF the field.

Ah hum — ChickFilA kickoff.

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I wasn’t exactly sure what would caused me to receive a code of conduct warning (beer) but after reading the violations on the back of the card, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was probably a few words I could’ve said to the one of them behind the Cardinal marching band. Just a over exaggerated (I’m sure) and absolutely necessary poking as to WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!

Come on, you made a point to migrate 7 hours south to see the Cards face the Auburn Tigers and skip out on opening the renovated Commonwealth Stadium. I mean, if we’re having a pissing contest, and that’s what this feels like anymore, let’s reevaluate what a ‘little brother and a big brother’ is.  So you follow cardnation to summer camp (Atlanta) to see some national football competition, That’s understood! But like the little brother would do.

2. Just a reminder..
University of Louisville born 1798

THEM born 1865.


It’s like he’s saying “Hey guys, I’m still here” despite ‘his team’s’ winning start to the season.

Moving on.

3. The Coaching blame.

The preseason focus and argument from both sides…

Blue:   ‘Will Stoops take his team bowling in his third season?’
Red:    ‘How will Petrino replace 10 NFL draft picks & open the season with the (then) SEC favorite Auburn Tigers.

It seemed as if when Lexington media was looking at the season as whole whereas it was hard for fans and the media (I’m guilty) to look past the opening weekend for Louisville. The question mark was around who would take the first snap and how the opening game would effect the rest of the season going forward.

One of the instances when I just couldn’t hold my tongue was hearing an older female of the #bbn blame Petrino completely for Louisville’s losses and praise the players individually for their win against Samford.  There was no room for a silver lining in defeat or compliment in victory for Coach Petrino from this woman.  She just ‘doesn’t like him’.  (Rolls eyes)

4. Tom jurich was just named the best AD in the country by national college football writer of Sports on Earth, Matt Brown.

‘Brown writes that the rankings are an “inexact exercise” based on the ADs’ success in all sports, particularly football and men’s basketball; avoidance of scandals and NCAA issues; national respect; stability; ability to keep coaches, athletes, fans, boosters and administrators happy; and coach hirings and firings.’

Not even a week before a newly renovated Commonwealth Stadium (removal of bleacher seats) opened its gates, Jurich thumps the blue’s AD, Mitch Barnhart, annoucing that PJCS would expand adding 10,000 seats and field level suites almost immediately. WA-POW!

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich talks with media during an ACC news conference Tuesday, July 1, 2014, in Louisville, Ky. After bouncing around in three other leagues over 19 years, Tuesday marked Louisville's official entry into the ACC. (AP Photo/The Courier-Journal, Alton Strupp)
 (AP Photo/The Courier-Journal, Alton Strupp)

TJ spurned the stealy Texas Longhorns (GO AWAY!) this week for their vacant Athletic Director’s position claiming that the grass is as green as it gets in Louisville. And he couldn’t be more correct as I, myself, have witnessed that the field hockey turf still gets watered even on rainy days.  My man.


Have a great weekend #CARDNATION

Football Cards take on the Wolfpack of NC State at 12:30PM in Raleigh

Followed by the men’s basketball Card’s annual Red/White Scrimmage at 4:30PM at the KFC Yum! Center

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