Thoughts on the Post Season Ban

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As an alumna of the University of Louisville, I am deeply disheartened by the decision to ban the men’s basketball program from any and all post season play.

If there was in fact a violation unearthed (and it’s apparent that there was) I’m not sure that a post season ban for this season would relinquish the crime. The snap decision to punish this years team a month prior to the ACC Tournament is wrong. The purpose of university administrators is to protect the students; student-athletes included. However, it’s clear this move was not made in the best interest of the students and student-athletes.

As I said before, if the violation(s) is (are) as bad as President Ramsey and Chuck Smrt alluded, than a one year post season ban may not justify the crime. Therefore, the university should have let our two fifth year seniors play in the post season and apply the ban to next season.

Damion Lee and Trey Lewis have zero options. Whereas the incoming recruits & some current players would. The NCAA allows upperclassmen and incoming recruits to transfer if a post season ban is imposed. However, a fifth year senior has no options or rights.

My heart is broken for Damion Lee and Trey Lewis. Lee and Lewis came to the University of Louisville to have the opportunity to perform on college basketballs biggest stage; the NCAA Tournament.

My heart is broken for Coach Pitino and Tom Jurich, both of whom work diligently to run a clean program.

I hurt for my fellow alumni. I hurt for the students who spend most the year looking forward to post season runs and following their team. I hurt for the city of Louisville.

Most of all I hurt for the future of the men’s basketball program. I hurt because this is could be the tip of the iceberg.

As allegations continue to surface, we as fans have to remember…

NONE of the current guys on this team deserve to be punished.

I urge fans to get out and support this team.

Let’s give Damion Lee and Trey Lewis a proper send off.

As hard as it is right now, it’s ALWAYS a great day to be a Cardinal fan.

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