Teddy Bridgewater Surprises Superfan For His Birthday


Meet Obadiah Gamble aka Skolbadiah.

Gamble is a six year old future rap star (see below video) and a huge Vikings fan. Gamble is particularly fond of former University of Louisville and current Minnesota Vikings QB, Teddy Bridgewater.

According to the original post by CityPages.com, Gamble turns seven on Sunday. And who does he want in attendance at his birthday party?? None other than Mr. Teddy Bridgewater.

Since this is a busy time of year for the third year QB – preseason organized team activities (OTAs) began this week – Gamble knew he had to go big or go home with his birthday invitation to Teddy.

Being the six year old mastermind that he is, Gamble wrote a rap called, “Hey Teddy.”

How could Teddy possibly ignore an invitation so cute??

Well, turns out he couldn’t.

CityPages.com originally reported that the Vikings and Teddy Bridgewater caught wind of the adorable six year olds rap song and decided to send him some signed apparel.

But that wasn’t enough for the third year QB with a heart the size of Texas…

CityPages.com reported that Teddy surprised Obadiah Gamble on Wednesday at his home in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fox 9 News was there to capture the special moment.

Obadiah Gamble told Fox 9 he and Teddy played catch and talked about stuff. But that’s not all…

“We came inside and had some cake and he brought out the cake,” Obadiah said, “I’ll remember this my whole life.”

According to the Fox 9 story, Teddy hung out with Gamble for about an hour and a half and gave the soon-to-be seven year old a signed poster, baseball hat, football and towel.

As if that weren’t enough, Teddy also reportedly invited Gamble to a practice to meet the other Vikings players.

Teddy tweeted a photo of him and his biggest fan:

Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville is eternally grateful to have you as an alumni and an ambassador. Keep doing you.

Check out the Fox 9 full news story here.


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  1. Hey Teddy, we in the Ville r proud of u young man. Keep doing your good work and God will shower u with BLESSINGS.

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