Views from the Head: Loving Louisville From a Different University

Cardinal Head

First off, shout out to Drake for inspiring that title.

***Editors note: Jacob is banned from posting for one week for referencing Drake….ok, carry on. Lol

As a lot of you know, I do not attend our beloved University of Louisville, even though I am a die-hard fan. The strange thing is, I honestly have fallen more in love with the University through my experiences at my college, rather than attending the University itself. Let me explain myself.

As a university right next to that Lexington town, a majority of students here are UK fans. Now, by virtue of my years studying the various aspects of sports programs, I have realized that fans of a program are a family, but yet, I don’t feel that family of UK fans here on this campus. However, let me tell what I have observed throughout my time on this campus. I have 100% confirmed that the fans of the Louisville Cardinals, we are a family. Every time, and i mean EVERY SINGLE TIME, I see a fellow Louisville fan on campus, we immediately stop and chat a bit about the goings on in our sports program, doesn’t matter if we are in different social cliques, if we are in a hurry, no matter the situation, as soon as two people on this campus realize they are both Louisville fans, its like they knew each for all their lives.

See, that’s what I love about being a Louisville fan, no matter what our background, we are a family. In my opinion, it’s that very fact that makes our fan base one of the best, if not the best, and I lean towards the latter, in the nation. In the long run, I believe choosing to go to Morehead has made me an even stronger Louisville fan. I am proud to be a part of the extended Louisville family. As always, Go Cards!

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