Four Takeaways From The Football Kickoff Lunch

Photo Credit: Matt Herp, The Courier-Journal

The 2016 Louisville Football Kickoff Luncheon was held today at the Downtown Marriott. Nearly 1,400 fans packed the ballroom eager to hear from Coach Bobby Petrino and the players.

Here are a few takeaways I gathered from today’s luncheon:

1. Bobby wants to light up the scoreboard again.

In his second tenure, Louisville fans have yet to see that classic Bobby Petrino score. During his first go around, Petrino had no problem running up the score against opponents, especially those in blue. And Louisville fans LOVED it. “Bobby Ball,” is entertaining.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that we will see some old school Bobby Ball this season. Why am I so confident?? Because I heard it straight from the man’s mouth…

“It’s about time we light up the score board again!!”

Needless to say, this comment got A LOT of applause at the luncheon.

Coach Petrino went on to say, “We got a group back that understands the schemes, understands the plays.”

For the first time in his second tenure, Coach Petrino seems confident in the offense, his offense.

2. Bobby wants us pumped up at games, especially noon games.

During his speech at the kickoff luncheon, Bobby Petrino clearly articulated how important the atmosphere is for the team on game days. It’s no secret that teams feed off fan energy.

Yes, that means being energetic at Card March for NOON GAMES.

Coach Petrino told fans to tell their friends, family, fellow tailgaters, everyone to be energetic at noon kickoffs.

“What we need to get used to is in the ACC, we’re going to play some noon games.”

Coach Petrino offered advice for noon tailgates…

“Adjust your clocks and start your tailgate the night before.”

Personally, I’m about some kegs and eggs, but I’m not opposed to an all night rager. Can we get this going, Red Rage Tailgate??

3. Lamar Jackson knows the playbook like the back of his hand.

Well, almost. He said he’s trying to learn the playbook like the back of his hand. I’m confident by kickoff he will have it down.

Last season, there were times when Jackson looked like he had no idea which play the offense was running. That’s mostly because he didn’t know.

At ACC Media Day, Jackson admitted, “I really didn’t know any of the plays last year.” He said, “Coach put me out there and gave me certain ones that he did think I knew. He’d put me out there, and I’d just stare down receivers. If it wasn’t open, I’d just run.”

Despite not know the playbook, Jackson set the career rushing record for a Louisville quarterback with 960 yards. Not bad for a rookie.

Lamar’s speed has perplexed many defenses. Add knowing the playbook in the mix and you have a dangerous offensive weapon. Jackson is certainly on his way to not only being a Louisville Legend, but a Heisman hopeful.

4. Bobby wants to bring a championship back to the Ville.

“I’m not afraid to say this, but the reason that we’re here is to win a National Championship. That is our goal.”

Every Louisville fan knows Bobby Petrino loves to win. A decade ago, Louisville was a National Championship contender. Unfortunately, a loss to Rutgers (that still hurts) derailed the Cardinals. However, Louisville did make quite the impression defeating Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl.

Fast forward ten years later. The Cardinals have a new home in the ACC. Louisville will have the opportunity to defeat ACC and College Football giants, Florida State and Clemson. Can the Cardinals take both powerhouses down?? I don’t know. But I don’t put anything past the offensive mastermind that is Bobby Petrino. If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s Coach Petrino will have his team ready to battle.

It’s finally here, CardNation. We’re finally in the home stretch. Only 13 days until the Cardinals take the field for the first game of the 2016-2017 football season.

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