BucketHatism: Syracuse


“ALL RISE!!! Court is now in session. The honorable Bucket Hat King LJ tha Fiasco presiding. Please be seated and come to order”

Good morning, as most of us are waking up this Saturday morning with nothing to do but to replay last night’s events in our Cardinal crazed minds, the BHK would like to read the court his observations and suggestions from last night’s beat down of Otto and his homeboy’s up north.

  • The Carrier Dome, named after an air conditioning company, must now and forever more be referred to as the “Swamp Ass Center”.  The BHK cannot fathom why the dome does not have any a/c, but thanks to @alexmariejp I was informed that not having an a/c in your home is pretty common in Syracuse.  When the team returns in 2018, we must bring box fans with us.
  • Had no idea the team plays “O Fortuna” as the walk into opponents stadiums. Thanks to Steve Jones live stream, we are all witnesses.
  • Before the game I made a joke about Petrino not liking to be hot, based on the first 5 minutes of the game it appeared he was just ready to win and come home.
  • Dino Babers had a smirk on his face that suggested  A.) He still can’t believe he is coaching in the ACC and B.) He had been crop-dusting his team all game and no one suspected him.
  • This has nothing to do with the game, but I really hate the “Peyton on Sunday Morning” commercials.
  • I am glad we called Lamar Jackson…..that is all.
  • It was apparent that Syracuse tried their best to leave the middle of the field open. First TD was a 72 yard bomb to Quick. Next series another bomb to Jalen Smith. If you fix a plate for Louisville’s offense, they gon’ eat.
  • Mack Brown needs to be coaching somewhere, he is not a bad commentator, it’s just that he looks and sounds like he is uncomfortable in the booth.
  • Not sure what to make of our defense. Playing at a crazy pace in a hot box would gas any team. But I am still not feeling to great about our tackling. Too many times we see guys bounce off players rather than wrap them up. The arm tackling has got to stop. Guys like Dalvin Cook and Boom Williams for that matter have feasted on Louisville in the past 2 years all because we refuse to wrap up on tackles. Shore it up fellas.
  • The targeting call on Dee Smith was atrocious. Last time I saw a call that bad, James Burgess’ senior year was over after one play. They really need to look at that rule. Sadly, we won’t see Dee Smith till the second half of the FSU game. Thanks ref…
  • Cole Hikitini had a bad game, but I am certain he will bounce back big next week.
  • Louisville set a record for total yards last night with 845, it would have been over 1,000 if not for a ton of drops by Louisville receivers. The drop that hurt the BHK the most, the Radcliffe drop. I mean, he would have cupid shuffled into the end zone.
  • I haven’t seen Oranges squeezed like this since having breakfast at Wild Eggs (HeyOOOOO)
  • Hate that we abandoned the running game in the 2nd and 3rd quarter but glad we found it late. Bad Rad is a beast in late game situations. Also, with L.J. Scott hurt, good to see Jeremy Smith get some good runs.
  • We all know “The Run” by Miller.  “The Stiff Arm” by Urrutia. “The Run Part 2” by Teddy. “The Throw” by Teddy.  But now, we can add “The Hurdle” by Lamar.
  • Did I mention I am glad we called Lamar??
  • I know we have  only played 2 games but I am really waiting for Devonte Fields to break out and have a monster game. Hopefully next week….
  • Big fan of Seth Dawkins but he has to attack on kickoff returns. Freshman mistakes, he will be a monster in the coming years.
  • Look, I am all for booing bad calls and weathermen. But never boo when players are down. Could be a cramp, could be a broken leg, who knows. Syracuse fans showed no class last night. Enjoy the 62 we hung on you…..boo that.
  • Syracuse if you are going to have an Orange Out you have to dress up your bleachers too.
  • No……you weren’t at TBG’s tailgate last night. You were at Applebee’s flirting with the waitress. Stop your lies.
  • I saw people tweeting the “Trainhorn” and butchering it. Leave it to MasterDroo, please and thank you.
  • I would love to see Gameday come to Louisville but I think that ship has sailed. Maybe next year when we host Clemson. Meh….
  • Saw a tweet last night that implied Lamar Jackson wouldn’t have another big game against Matt Elam and the Kentucky defeHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Offensive line played well despite some penalties, big test against FSU looming.
  • Stop the Chop

And in closing, the BHK  would like to extend a huge congratulations to Jeremy 55 and Mrs. 55 as they finally got the keys to their dream house yesterday. Buying a house is the most frustrating ordeal due to all the things you have to do just to close. Then when you close they give you a stack of papers the size of a phone book to sign. Then you have to pack up and move.  Plus you have to find people to help you move which is a pain. The BHK only helps one person move per year and that has already occurred. So while I cannot help Jeremy move into his house, I CAN however help him drink beer and eat food in his Cardinal man cave. Taking bets right now on who breaks the toilet first between Jeff Nunn and Rummage.

Court adjourned (Bangs gavel)



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