Who will be the Celebrity Guest Picker?


The Bucket Hat King had to call a special hearing this morning to address some pertinent news. As you have all heard, the University of Louisville will host ESPN’s College GameDay for the first time in program history this Saturday.   I am sure most, like myself, are big fans of the tradition of the show which includes hilarious signs, live music, ESPN personalities, and the always entertaining selection by Lee Corso.

Not long ago, GameDay began the tradition of having a celebrity guest picker. It is usually someone with ties to the school or city, but it can also be random (See Katy Perry at Ole Miss).  So the speculation has already started, who will walk out of the GameDay RV and step on stage to represent our beloved Cards??

The early front-runner is Jennifer Lawrence, the homegrown actress  is well-known from her role in the Hunger Games series.  One could argue for Tom Jackson who spent years at ESPN and also played for Louisville.  He created a common phrase on NFL Countdown we all know as “FROM……LOUISVILLE”.  Or we can ride the wave of the now infamous picture of Traveon Samuel and Lamar Jackson sitting side by side and invite the bad mother******* himself Samuel L. Jackson which is sure to get the crowd going.

Here are some other suggestions I have seen or heard and the BHK is sorry but I have to burst some bubbles today.  Nice suggestions, but for GameDay we’re gonna have to pass:

Howard Shchnellenberger-  The PIPE!!  I respect what he did for the program back in the mid 80’s and early 90’s but honestly the majority of the fanbase were either kids or not even born when he was here. Plus, if you have heard him speak there is no way he will make a pick in the time frame given. The man is a legend, he coined a great slogan for Louisville Football, but for Celebrity guest pick we gotta leave coach in Florida.

John Schnatter aka “Papa John”- He is well-known around these parts and his commercials with Peyton Manning give him a lot of exposure. But honestly do any of you get excited when you see him in the stadium?? Even when he burned rubber in his car and nearly killed people standing in the north endzone people yawned.  Papa is in the house, but Papa is not on GameDay.

Bob Baffert- Well for one, he is a Arizona Wildcat fan. And for two I am not sure people are interested in talking horse racing that early.

Bryson Tiller-  Big fan of his music, but I think some people would feel he is still not big enough for this stage. I would pull the trigger on it honestly, he is a name the younger generation would recognize but I can see why ESPN would pass.

Tom Cruise- ESPN does not have the security or a quick enough censor button for this guy. For one, he doesn’t really claim Louisville and secondly we can’t risk him going all Katie Holmes and jumping on the GameDay desk yelling how much he loves football.

Deion Branch- Superbowl MVP,  former Card, still very present in the city. He is a good selection but not sure they would pull the trigger on him.

Teddy – Resting from a severe knee injury, if he is willing to come I would break my neck to help get him on stage.  Crowd would go nuts!!!!  Only thing is I am not sure Teddy would want to spend that whole day talking about his knee.  But I am rooting for him nonetheless. I hope I am wrong, I would love to have him as the guest.

Rob Riggle – No…….just no.

Christopher “Big Black” Boykin  (MTV’s Rob and Big) – Dude has repped the Ville well the past few years but not sure he would be the best option. I would bring him for comic relief though.

Elvis Dumervil – HELL YEAH…….unless the Ravens have a big game then it may be a no-go.

Diane Sawyer –  Can’t see this happening

Rick Pitino – I don’t hate it, but I also think Rick wouldn’t participate because of the scandal. He would sit out  to not take away from the football program.

It will be interesting to see who is chosen to do the honor. Either way, there will be minimal work being done this week on our jobs.  I have already checked out mentally and I am sure I am not alone in that aspect.  This is gonna be a fun week, soak in all in folks, for we may not have another chance like this for a while.





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