BucketHatism: Florida State


“ALL RISE!!! Court is now in session. The honorable Bucket Hat King LJ tha Fiasco presiding. Please be seated and come to order”

May the court excuse the fact that I have showed up this morning wearing a wife beater and luau shorts.   I am still celebrating the weekend that was, and if you have an issue with that please see yourself out.  I will be reading my notes from the book of Louisville, Chapter L1 verse C4.  (Clears throat):

  • First and foremost the BHK would like to thank the good folks over at 93.9 The Ville for showcasing the 35th and KY Sports Show during their 24 hour pregame show. It was a tremendous opportunity and we were honored to be a part of it.
  • The BHK threw his back out last week trying to pump iron at the gym.  But I was determined to get to GameDay and PJCS, even if I had to crawl.

  • I learned that people hide in dark alleys off of 3rd Street and pop out as they try to park cars at 6am.
  • I learned that to get to the Red Rage Tailgate I literally had to walk through Skid Row to get there.  The BHK had to navigate through several frats and sororities. One guy had a aluminum bat and was chugging beers . As he finished he would crush them on his head and then hit the can with his bat into the crowd.  Pretty sure he will one day be a 1st grade teacher..
  • I got hurdled by Lamar, and it was glorious
  • Thanks to @PaigeS_502 for providing the BHK with some OJ to go along with his Krispy Kreme doughnut.
  • The BHK learned that Halo wings from Saints is his new best friend.  Thanks for the sample!
  • I learned that Jeremy from CSZ cares not for parking lot attendants.  If we say we already have a parking lot picked out then dammit that is what we mean. NO we don’t want to park at your house crazy guy with umbrella!!
  • I learned that walking over Denny Crum overpass twice in one hour does not help an ailing back.
  • The BHK got chills at the beginning of GameDay. It’s one thing to see it on TV, but when you are there in person it’s extremely surreal.
  • I learned that despite my rants, people still choose to wear medium jerseys.
  • Card March was nuts, most of the team had on sunglasses despite the fact it was pouring rain at the time they walked through. Don’t @ them……
  • Shout out to the guy in the kilt who invited me to his Christmas party. Nah, that’s not awkward at all.
  • I saw a few bucket hats out there, keep trying folks….
  • The BHK was about to run a fade on none other than CoachBourbonUSA.  But he had an afro wig on and a throwback UofL pullover. Still, he knows why. I am still disappointed in your decision Bourbs.
  • Lincoln Bridge must sing the National Anthem for the remainder of the year!!!!!
  • Guy that sits behind me went hard on the alcohol and only made it to see 7-0. I couldn’t imagine missing this game due to Mr. Budweiser. Not gonna air him out but man that sucks.
  • Laila Ali must tell me where she got that Ali t-shirt from.
  • I admit, I seriously thought Lee Corso was choosing FSU. The moment he put the Cardinal Bird head on I went ape sh*t.  Had he put on the Card Chronicle Bird Mask I think I would have passed out. Lee Corso then stood right in front of our section for the majority of the game and completely ignored us.  Rece Davis came later and did the same. Tom Ronaldi was there, but who cares right??
  • Kudos to the offensive line, Lamar was sacked twice although one could have been avoided had he thrown the ball away.  Brandon Radcliff and Jeremy Smith had some huge running lanes.  They are getting better as the weeks go by.
  • Shout out to the FSU fans that sat on my right and the UK fan wearing a Louisville shirt who sat on my left. I was glad both of you got to witness that ass-whipping in person.
  • So the game is 14-10 and the UK fan dressed as Louisville fan proceeds to explain to me how he was at the Southern Miss and Florida games. At least I heard that part I think, I dunno……I was too busy watching my team win.
  • Jimbo Fischer should fire his designer. Not sure if he was going to a pajama party or auditioning for a  role as a former high school coach in a reboot of Friday Night Lights.
  • Hats off to the defensive line, and the secondary. Aside from Auden Tate getting two scores they played lights out
  • Jonathan Greenard got his first career sack. Since he is a redshirt freshman I assume he does not get any accolades from the team.  Go back and watch!! After he got a sack no one came to congratulate him. Guess it’s like baseball when  a rookie hits his first homer and no one on the team applauds.
  • Cole Hikitini not only rebounded from last week’s poor showing at Syracuse, he did so in many ways.  His blocking aided some big plays and he also had some big receptions.
  • James Quick can only catch footballs using his knees for the rest of the year.
  • Lamar Jackson………that is all that needs to be said.
  • Jaire Alexander came close a few times last year in terms of hitting the jackpot. Saturday he finally got a TD. Could have been 2 scores.  Also he had a fumble recovery, hell of a day for him. He was the X factor.
  • We won by 43 and Jamari Staples didn’t even catch a pass.  Scary
  • If you would have told me we would be playing our 2nd and 3rd teams against Florida state I would not have believed you.
  • Admittedly I was nervous going into halftime only because I was not sure if Jameis Winston was in town for the game.  I looked around at it seemed the crowd was too. All that went away once Alexander ran the punt in for a score.
  • You know you are at a Louisville game when a FSU and Card fan get in an argument about basketball and security has to be called. Card fan had moved down from the 200’s, I didn’t warn the FSU fan so that is on me.
  • I talked trash about rushing the field all last week.  I was totally against it since we won by such a large margin. So the BHK protested rushing the field by rushing the field….I got some good snapchat footage and pictures though…..
  • Really hope the guys remain humble this week with all the talk going around. Our next opponent is looking at this game like its their College GameDay.  Cards have to come in focused and not overlook Marshall.
  • BUT……..I will not overlook the fact that Akron put 65 on Marshall. And that was mostly off of passing touchdown’s.
  • TBG was not on the field after the game, that was just a pic you took with a white guy who had a beard.  For the last time, you have never met him.

And finally I have been a part of all but one of the biggest games in Cardinal Football history and I have never seen our fans as jacked up as they were Saturday. Imagine if every game atmosphere was like that whether it’s Charlotte or Wake Forest?   Oh the possibilities….

Court adjourned (bangs gavel)



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