BucketHatism: NC State


“ALL RISE!!! Court is now in session. The honorable Bucket Hat King LJ tha Fiasco presiding. Please be seated and come to order”

Thank you, please be seated.  Before we begin the BHK would like to address an incident that happened on the inter-webs last week.  During the recent presidential debate the BHK had a brain fart and actually engaged in a profanity laced tirade with a Twitter follower.  Though no one wins in this situation, the BHK took the bait and things went downhill from there.  What I don’t condone is the threats against the other person involved. The BHK appreciates all his supporters but he is not a fan of alleged death threats the other party claims to have received.  Everyone chill out, Twitter is just a place for us to vent, laugh, talk about binge watching, predict who dies on The Walking Dead, make fun of slapd*cks, use BOFA jokes, and lambaste Logan’s Roadhouse food all in 140 characters or less.  That being said, lets get to the notes from this past weekend’s curbstomping of NC State.

 Any outbursts and you will be removed from the court by the bailiff @hammel11

  • The BHK wants to thank Steve Rummage and Jeremy55 for letting him sit in on the CSZ show this past Saturday. Yes, it was 40 degrees and there was a 15 mile long train that went by but it was good to be out on the PJCS Caboose.  Also, JB’s pub brought beer cheese and pretzel bites so it was a nice LITuation.
  • Mark Ennis is not pleased by long trains right before he show begins. But then again the BHK believes that Mark Ennis sent said train by the caboose right as I was about to get on the air making it impossible for anyone to hear.  You are on the watch list Mark….
  • This has nothing to do with Football but everything to do with Louisville media. Rick Bozich from this day forth must be referred to as #20BuckBozich .  John Ramsey will explain.
  • I missed CardMarch for the first time all season but after last week’s bad juju game I had to switch it up. Old bucket/old hoody as well. I was not taking any chances.
  • Dave Ragone had his jersey honored Saturday but can we think about one thing for a second? When will we retire another jersey? I know Johnny U’s was retired and rightfully so but I don’t recall any other jersey being retired at PJCS. Not even Chris Redman who still holds passing records at UofL, his was honored before he last game on senior day.  I don’t know, if I had to guess I would say Brohm, Bush, Arnold Jackson, or Rashad Holman are next.
  • I promise you our fanbase is made up of magicians on game day. 5 min before kickoff the seats are empty and it looks like we will have pockets of open seats. Then BOOM, filled right as team runs out. Then back to pockets after 1st touchdown for beer run. Now  you see them, now you don’t. Still, very nice showing on Saturday on National TV.
  • We have a guy in our section that wears the same outfit every home game for the past 5 years. I sh*t you not. At some point an intervention is needed.  You guys know anyone that works at FanOutfitters?  Need to have them come in and mediate.  I already have my letter written and ready to read.
  • I sit in the 100 level seats a few rows from the field. One thing I have noticed is that the opposing team’s cheerleaders are beginning to do cheers closer and closer to my section. That includes pyramids or whatever they hell they are called which blocks our view whenever the team is near the north end zone.  You hate to be the “down in front” guy but I paid good money to have these seats and if I wanted to watch cheerleaders instead of the game I would be a Cayut fan. (Boom roasted)
  • A fan who sits in the row behind me was trying to strike up a conversation about the cheerleaders for NC State during the game. I told him I would include him in BucketHatism and I am a man of my word so here goes.  I could give a rats a** about the opposing cheer team. Louisville has 18 cheer teams inside the stadium plus the Ladybirds. They have won like 76 straight championships.  So that is the only team I acknowledge. We have Lamar Jackson and a high powered offense but lets focus on this triple backflip-gainer-niner-whiskey-tango-handstand that NC State cheer team just did.  It’s 3rd and 1 and Louisville’s Defense needs a stop but hey, that male cheerleader really is talented at doing a standing backflip, so I want to talk about him instead.  You did this to yourself Terry…….you did this to yourself man. We are up 17-0 but the fans in our section want to see this guy do a flip.  Holy testicle Tuesday!!!
  • Also, I was asked to address Louisville fans coming to games wearing non Louisville gear.  Not sure what someone’s situation is but if you can buy multiple beers you can afford a Louisville shirt. Walmart has them for under $10 bucks. Kroger does too.  I saw one guy come in with a Purple plaid button down and a grey vest.  Also, probably not a good idea to wear blue to a Louisville game. You’re gonna have a bad time.
  • After one week of refreshing music, Jeff Nunn wouldn’t let us be great. Van Halen made its way back on 3rd down the majority of the game. Nothing says let’s get a defensive stop like Sammy Hagar!!!
  • I enjoy watching Louisville’s offense.  I shouldn’t need to explain why.
  • Lamar’s 1st TD run was similar to the one in the FSU game.  NC State simply does not have the secondary to contain him much like last year.
  • Jalen Smith is having a hell of a year and no one is really talking about him. Dude is flying under the radar so much you didn’t even realize Jamari Staples had not caught a TD catch this year until Saturday.  Smith has the size and speed and he is only a sophomore.  Imagine him as a senior, assuming he stays all 4 years.
  • I have had my share of frustrations with him but I gotta give him credit. Trumaine Washington had a game!  Got a interception, had some pass breakups, etc. Good for you Tru.
  • Welcome back Shaq Wiggins, we missed your on field antics and it’s good to have you healthy.
  • Seth Dawkins was screwed out of a great one handed catch. I know it appeared he pushed off but the defender but you are wrong. Your eyes are wrong.
  • Reasons why we love Bobby.  Our coach called timeout after a questionable pass interference penalty, with his team up 44-0, to rip the refs a brand new a**hole.  The crowd was cheering his name and everything.  Never change Bobby
  • The Ladybirds can’t catch a break. Last week, there were issues with their audio so they had to postpone their performance. This week they couldn’t get off field fast enough and their music was cut mid-performance.  They cut the music but they still were performing. That is talent.
  • Last week Drew Bailey had a monster game. THIS week Stacey Thomas decided he wanted in on the fun.  Let’s not forget Thomas had surgery and missed some of Fall camp. He was in on a lot of tackles and also had an INT. We gon’ be alright yall.
  • Shout out to Jonathan Greenard who got his 1st INT on Saturday.  Really thought he was going to score on a Pick-6 but my man got tired. Looked like the BHK on the 3rd mile of a 5k.
  • I am pushing for Pass-Punt-Kick to be retired.  If it isn’t Frisbee Dogs or plate juggling I am not interested anymore. I would rather watch Justin Krueger give a speech about why Taken 2 was Oscar worthy than P-P-K. But I digress.
  • If you see the BHK out and are not sure if it is me just take a shot in the dark. Either you are going to look like an idiot or you are gonna get a fist bump.  Here is a hint, if the guy doesn’t have a beard don’t waste your time. Also if he is holding a Sam Adams Oktoberfest bottle then not only is it not me but it is a rogue Card fan that must be put down.
  • Malik Williams is having a nice year. He is a viable option in case our starting running back goes down, but he also proved his worth on Special Teams with a block.
  • Good to see Brandon Radcliffe get some nice runs.  Jeremy Smith is looking like he is becoming the clear starter but that could change each week.  Virginia’s run defense gives up a lot so we could see B-Rad break out in that game.
  • Um, Cole Hikitini, leave the hurdling to Lamar. I know it’s cool to make SportsCenter and you cleared a Syracuse player last year on a hurdle but we need  you the last 6 games of the season and can’t have you injured trying to poster a defender.
  • It feels pretty good  to see us curb-stomp a team. 44-0 at halftime is demoralizing to say the least.
  • The best thing to come out of Saturday’s game, it was on National TV and there were 75 recruits on hand to witness that. That is what you want as we near signing day in February.
  • Yes, yes you did see TBG on Twitter.  I am launching a campaign to get him a gold plated Cardinal wrist piece similar to the falcon the great Ghostface Killah wears.  Make it happen folks.
  • Found someone to help with drywall, thanks for the feedback!
  • Khane Pass did not have a mouthpiece this week so I guess he was freaked out about the events of last week like we were.
  • I guess since Houston is not going to Big 12 they have just said “F*** It” huh?
  • Thanks Penn State. We appreciate all you do.
  • Congrats to all my Cub followers who read this.  Not a baseball fan outside of Louisville baseball but I can get behind the Cubs movement right now.

And finally I usually end this with a funny paragraph about something but I honestly got nothing. I was up all night watching The Walking Dead and Family Guy so I am drawing a bunch of blanks right now on a closing message.  I will say I want a baseball bat with barb wire just so I can walk around with it and scare the living sh*t out of everyone. Kids on Halloween,  waiters at restaurants, fans who wear bucket hats wrong,  Eric Flack, Tim Sullivan, $20 Buck Bozich, local weatherman, ya know the usual. Everyone else is cool.

Court adjourned (bangs gavel)




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