BucketHatism: Spring Practice

“ALL RISE!!! Court is now in session. The honorable Bucket Hat King LJ tha Fiasco presiding. Please be seated and come to order”

Please be seated, the BHK is back off his weekend bender of wings, basketball and busted brackets to announce that the joy that is football is back for the month of April.  Today Bobby Petrino held his presser to give us all a glimpse of what to expect and what the team will be working on.  I know I am not the only Card fan that still has a sour taste in my mouth from how last season ended. We went from the highs of curb stomping FSU, receiving a visit from College Gameday, and a prime-time game in Death Valley to seeing Lamar nearly decapitated in Houston, watching the Governor’s Cup get kidnapped, and watching LSU do the cha-cha slide in our backfield for 4 quarters………but I digress.

The thing is, as young as this team was last year they are back and more experienced. More importantly they are pissed off at how they ended the season after being 9-1 on the verge of the playoffs.  Lamar winning the Heisman salvaged the disappointing ending but you have to think the team is still very much hungry for redemption.  Here some things, and players that the BHK is interested to see in the Spring game.

Any outburst and you will be emoted by @CardsWonitLast who is calmer than me but will still throw hands and then take your daughter out for a nice steak dinner and never tweet her again.


  • Our Heisman winner returns……….that is all.


  •  Jawon Pass is finally ready to contribute. Seems like a decade ago we were all giddy about him committing in his school’s auditorium while some guy in the audience lost his sh*t (check YouTube video and enjoy) but here we are and Petrino announced he will see more reps than Kyle because he needs the experience.  Bolin is a senior but Pass will have total control next season unless Malik Cunningham makes an immediate impact. Either way, happy to finally use Puma Pass in a sentence.


  • The offensive line whisperer is back.  Mike Summers returns to the program and in turn is tasked with rebuilding an offensive line that was the cause of a lot of broken remotes and creative profanity last season.  Good news is he has the guys to do it. Bad news is that some of those guys are true freshman.  BUT, if there is anyone who can pull it off, it’s Coach Summers.  I can be a 1,000 yard back in his system and I don’t even like running to the store.


  • Chris Taylor Yamonoha and Dez Fitzpatrick are eligible and OHHHHHHH the possibilities.  I for one was bummed that CTY was being switched to defense but on today’s depth chart he was listed as  a WR which he thrived at in high school. Follow his folks on Twitter, they are as cool as cool gets.  Dez has not even started one game and there is already a buzz around him.  Nebraska is still salty though but let’s face it, it’s Nebraska.  Have some corn and a Coke, and then grab a seat.


  • Trevon Young is finally healthy.  The guy was striking fear into every QB and then a freak injury took it all away in the bowl game. Still never seen anything like it. But he is back after a medical red-shirt and he is also up for every moment the ACC QB’s slept on him.  You’ve been warned.


  • Jonathan Greenard and Amonte Cabon are next in line of a list of great defensive players.  So is Khane Pass who loves to hit. His motto is “Why should I celebrate a pass breakup when I can make you curl into a fetal position and suck your thumb after this hit”.  Okay that is not his motto but is should be. Have at it Khane!!


  • Robbie Bell, your new center.   We all know the center position has not been great the past few years and Bell is said to help fix some of the issues. He has Summers to coach him so that alone is an improvement.


  • Jeremy Smith and Malik Williams in the backfield.   We have to think the RB’s will improve as the line does.  We have some big RB’s that are physical and enjoy running things over. Add in Colin Wilson and hot damn we got a party.


  • PJCS expansion. Yeah we have all seen the pictures but anything can be photoshopped these days. I am interested in seeing the progress.


  • Booing Kevin Harned. (Self explanatory)


  • PJ Blue and CJ Avery in the secondary and the return of London Iakopo from injury.  London was having a great year until his knee injury in the Marshall game so it will be nice to see him back.  CJ Avery will probably be the only true freshman on defensive and PJ Blue, like Khane, loves to collect souls on the field.


  • Micky Crum is back and mad as ever.  Crum was laying fools out his freshman year but with a healthy Hikitini and Towbridge he really didn’t get to see the field. I think that changes this year. Add in Jordan Davis who transferred and sat out and I say we are good to go.  Standberry is back too, pick your poison.


  • How big of a year will Jaylen Smith have?  The man got snubbed by the ACC last year and I believe he uses that to make secondaries pay next year.


  • Who steps in for Jamari Staples and James Quick?


  • Does Lamar get invited back to New York to defend his Heisman crown?


In closing, if you have the opportunity to attend the opening game in Indy against Purdue, DO IT.   Games are fun but close, road games are even better.  And I am sure Louisville can get at least 30-35k fans up for Labor Day weekend. The CSZ crew will be there causing trouble and pulling @Jeremy_CSZ out of bar fights so there are fun times to be had.  I will return to preview the Spring Game as it unfolds. Until then be cool in this hot city.

Court adjourned (bangs gavel)




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