Darius Perry’s First BBN Encounter

Louisville’s 2017 4-star incoming Guard Darius Perry was asked about his decision to join the Cardinal Basketball Program. The soon-to-be freshman was asked about his reasoning for committing to Rick Pitino. His response was one most would agree to be true, he loves the development and improvement for which Pitino is widely known. He made comparisons to players from other programs that hadn’t seen the same development as those in the Louisville program, one of those players being Isaiah Briscoe.

Briscoe came to the University of Kentucky with a reputation for being a defensive-minded, slashing guard with a jumpshot that left a lot to be improved upon. Perry didn’t take a shot at the Kentucky basketball program, he didn’t call out Coach Cal, he made no negative statements towards BBN, he simply made a very appropriate and correct comparison to a player that hadn’t improved the aspect of his game that needed it the most. So, why is this a story?

It’s simple, BBN and specifically Matt Jones love to jump on anything that their self-proclaimed “little brother program” says and twist it into a headline detrimental to UofL. Jones claimed Perry said “he chose UofL over UK without an offer from Kentucky” which isn’t at all what Perry said. As mentioned earlier, Perry was asked about his decision to attend UofL and cited player development as his reason and simply compared the lack of development Briscoe showcased from his freshman to sophomore season. He didn’t say he chose UofL over UK, he answered a question honestly and made an accurate and relevant (with Briscoe shockingly declaring for the NBA draft) comparison.

If BBN wants to keep the illusion of being the “big brother” in the state, they need to change the way they twist words, make rings celebrating a regular season victory, and focus more on their “little brother” rather than their own program. The rivalry is easily one of the most heated in all of sports, but a lot of that is because words get spun into headlines that receive views and stir unnecessary added hatred between the two fan bases.

BBN, your program is good enough to not need the extra fluff from KSR. It’s impressive the way KSR was started and has grown to what it is now, but focus on the sporting aspect of your own program instead of changing a direct quote from a young man that hasn’t even set foot on campus yet. If you want to consider yourself the “big brother” you should start acting like it outside of the one game the in-state rivals play each other. Big brothers don’t go whining to mom about something their little brother said, and they definitely don’t make rings celebrating a victory over someone you consider a lesser opponent by the little brother comparison.

Simply put, if you want the recognition of being a superior athletic program, act like it.

Go Cards!

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