Down In The Trenches: A Interview With Top RB Target Greg Bell

Last Night, I was granted a Twitter Interview with Greg Bell. Greg is the top running back in 2018’s Junior College Rankings out of Arizona Western College. We discussed many different topics. Greg has offers from Louisville, Arizona, & Utah. Here is the interview:

Me: Greg, Thanks for taking time and allowing me to interview you

Greg: You’re welcome. Thanks for having me.

Me: What coach contacted you about coming for a visit?

Greg: Coach K (Klenakis)

Me: What did you know about Louisville before coming?

Greg: Lamar Jackson , Teddy Bridgwater, and they have a good winning tradition.

Me: Did you enjoy your visit? Were you glad that your teammates were able to join you & visit the same college as you?

Greg: Yeah I liked the visit. Most definitely it was a good experience too enjoy with them.

Me: What do you think about Coach K & Coach Petrino?

Greg: I liked them a lot and Coach Smith.

Me: If you had to compare yourself to a current running back in the NFL who would you say your like?

Greg: Le’veon Bell and LeSean McCoy

Me: Why?

Greg: Bell Has the patience and runs hard & Mccoy is super shifty and fast.

Me: What did you think of the facilities & the plan of the stadium going forward?

Greg: They were good and the stadium is going to be super lit when’s it’s done.

Me: Where do you see Louisville in your list of schools?

Greg: Their most definitely going to be a top school for me.

Me: Lastly, a tradition we have at CSZ.. we always ask this question just to get people’s reaction.. is a hot dog a sandwich?

Greg: Lol

Greg really really enjoyed his visit here and we might just see him in that red and black next season maybe we will find out his true answer to the Hot Dog Question…..

Here is some highlights from an All American Freshman Season


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