Bobby Petrino: ACC Teleconference Call

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Coach Petrino: We’re coming off of a good win at Purdue or actually up in Indianapolis last week. We didn’t do everything right. We had mistakes. We didn’t score enough touchdowns, particularly when we get down in the red zone like we’re used to doing. But Lamar played a great game. He completed 30 passes for 378 yards and rushed for another 100 yards. Defensively I liked what I saw. I thought our guys played with a lot of emotion. I thought they played fast and physical, so that was really good to see, and when the game was on the line, they completely shut down Purdue. Looking forward to going on the road to play a very good North Carolina team, a team that’s very talented and experienced, so with that, I’ll just open up for questions.

What did you see in the game or the film to explain, you were able to tell your guys this is why we had no sacks allowed in terms of what you liked not just from Lamar but obviously the O-line?

Coach Petrino: Yeah, we utilized good technique. I thought our tackles did a really nice job in communication with the inside three guys, did a good job. Lamar did a nice job when he got outside the pocket and there wasn’t anything there, he threw the ball away, which is something we really worked hard at since last spring. Our timing was good in our passing game. The receivers were getting open on time and the tight ends and running backs were where they were supposed to be. So it all works together. It’s all 11 guys working together.

Were there extra ball security roles at practice this week?

Coach Petrino: Yeah, we do them every day, every week. We’ve just got to take care of the ball. They all happened different ways, you know. One time we had a fullback coming out from underneath the center, tried to reach the ball across the goal line. The other one was just a great defensive play. Guy hit him exactly on the ball and the ball came out. It’s something we stress all the time. We certainly have to get better at it.

Just talk about playing against a North Carolina team that you have to get ready for. How many quarterbacks do you have to get ready for North Carolina? How do you prepare for that?

Coach Petrino: Well, this will be our second game where we’ve had to prepare for five different quarterbacks, so I guess that’s a good thing. Purdue was working with three. But they’re on video, and really what you have to do is just break down what they do by who’s in the game at quarterback. A lot of the same schemes show up, maybe a couple different emphases, but the real key is for us is to play focused, play hard, play fast, and understand what’s going on out there.

And just talk about your team. I know you guys had issues with the football last weekend up in Indianapolis. What else do you guys have to work on this week?

Coach Petrino: We have a lot of things to work on. We’re trying to get better on a daily basis, every player individually, technique, and fundamentals, trying to get our timing down, both offensively and defensively. So what we need to do is really understand that you prepare in practice to win the game and you earn the right to win the game in practice.

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