The Barbour Shop: Lamar is Back with a Vengeance

Lamar Jackson


Lamar Jackson arrived at Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday and announced his presence with authority. He totaled 485 yards of offense. A stern reminder was sent across the college football universe that it’s Lamar Jackson’s world and every other player is just living in it.

It’s time for the football universe to recognize greatness. What Lamar can do is unreal. Whether it be avoiding the rush of Purdue defensive line or throwing dimes to Jaylen Smith and Dez Fitzpatrick, he’s otherworldly.

I came away from Saturday’s game even more impressed with Lamar because it was obvious he’s been working on his game. For instance, he was accurate and had perfect touch on a simple slant he threw early in the game. Had he thrown the ball behind the receiver, as he was prone to last year, that ball is knocked down or intercepted. The off-season talk wasn’t just talk. All the work he put in bore fruit. If ever there was a player that can do what only one other has ever done and win the Heisman twice, it’s Lamar Freaking Jackson.

All those writers, analysts, and experts are eating their salty words. Thank goodness no one said they’d eat a live animal if Lamar repeated as winner (Mark Ennis, I’m looking at you). Obviously, they all overlooked him and his work ethic. Paraphrasing Eminem, they forgot about LJ.

UofL football has an All Timer playing for them. If the rest of the offense (defense played well) can pick up their game, the ceiling is the roof as Michael Jordan would say. And we are witnessing a Michael Jordan at QB.

It’s amazing to think that 485 yards of total offense and two touchdowns are considered an average performance for Lamar Jackson. Most guys at any level of football would call that a career day. It isn’t for Lamar.

The worst nightmare for defensive coordinators around the NCAA is that Lamar’s last three games last year were an aberration. Unlike mythical monsters that are always static in appearance and in what they do, Lamar is a monster that has evolved and is ready to eat opposing defenses alive.

P.S.: unidentified lady who drank alcohol from a trash bag…next time don’t. You’re not Oscar the Grouch. You don’t live in a trash can. If you’re that desperate for alcohol, go bum a warm beer or expired beer off somebody. Better than drinking out of a trash bag.


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