CSZ Makes Their Predictions For Clemson Game

Justin Krueger: 34-28 Clemson. I’ve watched Clemson multiple times throughout the week, and their defensive line is flat-out impressive. Louisville’s offensive line has played better, but this will be an exponentially tougher test than Purdue or UNC. I also have questions about Louisville’s secondary, especially if Jaire Alexander sits out again.

Louisville will have their opportunities, and Lamar Jackson will surely keep them in the game. But I don’t know if it’ll be enough tomorrow night.

Mitch Motley: 38-28 Louisville

Shawn Barbour: 35-31 Louisville

Cody Higdon: 38-35 Louisville. Blanton Creque redeems Wallace’s kick from last season.

Jeremy Wahman: 28-24 Louisville. Lamar dominates, held under 400 total yards but three touchdowns.

Jeff Nunn: 35-34 Louisville. The defense is the strength of this team, and they’re just as good as last year, if not better. Although Clemson is 3-0 against Louisville, I feel this is the year that Louisville gets it done.

Paige Sherrard: 28-24 Louisville. Dez Fitzpatrick continues to shine, James Hearns has crucial tackles, Jaire Alexander returns & lights up Clemson’s offense & Lamar Jackson has two passing TDs & two rushing TDs.


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