CardNation: Keep Your Head Up

Expectations were high, feelings were positive, and the environment was electric, then things got rough. There are plenty of reasons as to why they got that way, plenty of correctable mistakes, plenty of missed opportunities that have us here talking about a game that could’ve changed the entire landscape of college football going forward had things gone the way we as fans believed they might.

But they didn’t, so some of you are going to jump ship? Call for firings? When things get tough, we are supposed to come together, rally around those who need our support and build each other up instead of tearing each other down. Louisville Football suffered a very saddening loss on Saturday night to a team that will probably find themselves again in the National Championship conversation. Sure, we expected to at least have a competitive game and not the one-sided affair we saw, but it doesn’t matter. Even if it had been close, the same fans would still be calling for the heads of the higher ups, or pointing out a specific play or moment that could’ve changed the outcome. Saturday happened, nothing more we can do about it now except learn from it and grow together.

Louisville still has a great chance for a successful season. Things are never perfect, there are aspects that need to be worked on, but there is always time to work on those things (especially when only 3 games have been played). Now, here’s what we have, a 2-1 young but talented football team, a reigning Heisman winner (who is probably in his last stint in a Louisville uniform), 9 remaining games, and a lot of things to work on. The best outcomes occur through the worst of circumstances, and it would be such a great outcome for this team to have their fans rally around them as they learn from their mistakes and wreak havoc on their remaining schedule.

To summarize this article, I’ll reiterate my title, keep your head up. Things aren’t always going to be pretty, but it’s the darkest of times that should bring us together and not rip us apart. We’re all supporting the same thing, for the same reasons, and with the same adoration. Nothing is ever perfect, even Louisville’s 2013 Championship had fans jumping ship during their 3-game losing streak in January. I’m not saying Louisville will be a title contender this year, they certainly won’t. But diamonds are formed by withstanding the harshest conditions possible and look how they turn out. For me, personally, I’ll always fight for my Cards through good times and bad. The bad times never last and the good times make the bad ones seem irrelevant. We’re all human (no matter how much Lamar Jackson proves that he isn’t), therefore we all make mistakes, forgive and move forward. Let them figure their things out, support them through everything, and stand strong by their side through it all. Keep your head up Cardnation, hold onto your hope, it’s a new week and there’s a lot of season left.

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