The Barbour Shop: You Can Still Be Proud to be a Louisville Cardinal

I think we are all scandaled out aren’t we? This week all the hearts of every person that supports the Cardinals were sunk into despair with the revelation we cheated. An assistant coach caught on video and audio recordings arranging to buy a player. A “coach 2” involved that has been reported by numerous outlets as being Rick Pitino. I’m sure most of you feel like I do…defeated.

All of us bought into what Rick was selling. We applauded as he railed against shoe companies in a diatribe a couple of years ago. He claimed he would always run a clean program, and, we had no reason not to believe him. After all, he took that program down the road and cleaned it up after a scandal. Unfortunately, we were apparently bamboozled.

Now our basketball program is in tatters. However, it isn’t just the program. The university as a whole is reeling. Forensic audits, a governor reorganizing a Board of Trustees when he had no right to, and all the interim tags that exist in administration; all of this leads alumni and fans to feel frustrated and frightened. We care about the University as a whole. It’s ours. We own it. Whether you paid tuition to attend as a student or paid for season tickets, a part of you is invested into it. Here we are standing in shock as it seems there is a chasm opening in the earth beneath our University and swallowing it.

Yet, I feel as if we have finally hit rock bottom. I could be wrong. You never quite know, but it sure feels that way. Now we must rally to the players left on the basketball team, the players on the football team, the players of every sport, to the school as a whole, and to each other. Nothing will die unless we let it die.

We fans and alumni are the University of Louisville’s lifeblood. Don’t let the vampires come forth and drain the University of us. Hold your heads high, wear your gear proudly (except maybe not your Adidas gear). None of us asked for cheating. We don’t condone it. We never will. Our school is battered, but alive.

There are still teams and players to support wholeheartedly. In basketball, we still have players like Q, Ray, and Deng. Football gives us Lamar, Jaire, and others. Women’s basketball has Myisha, Asia, and the gang. The list of sports and athletes goes on. My point is, you can still be proud to be a Louisville Cardinal. I promise you I will be.

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