CSZ Picks Louisville v. Murray State


All CSZ contributors rule this game in favor of Louisville.

Justin Krueger: 66-6. In what has been a chaotic week for Louisville fans, football should serve as a brief escape from another scandal. Louisville should put Murray State away quickly, and we’ll see Jawon Pass and Colin Wilson in extended time.

P.S., that score is not an indicator of any bad juju.

Cody Higdon: 56-3. Puma comes in the second half and rips Murray State.

Paige Sherrard: 42-7. We see a Puma on the field. Lamar has two rushing touchdowns and beer/liquor sales hit an all-time high.

Jeremy Wahman: 69-6 (writer’s note: nice). Lamar and Malik rush for 100 yards each and two touchdowns. Puma throws for two touchdowns and we have a Clay Bolin sighting, finally.

Shawn Barbour: 56-3. Lamar throws for two touchdowns, rushes for one. Jawon Pass throws for two. Malik Williams rushes for two and Wilson for one.

Jeff Nunn: 59-0. Colin Wilson gets his first 100-yard game. Lamar has four touchdowns before halftime.

Mitch Motley: 62-7. Colin Wilson has three touchdowns, and Lamar gets back to Lamar with four touchdowns of his own.

Katie Goben: 45-3. Puma owns the second half and we finally see Alexander for a play.

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