CSZ Picks Louisville v. NC State Game


Jeremy Wahman: 34-31 Louisville. Lamar has three touchdowns and 457 total yards, one defensive / special teams touchdown makes the difference.

Shawn Barbour: 34-24 Louisville. Lamar throws for 280, runs for 110 and has three touchdowns. Defense forces a couple of turnovers.

Samuel Basden: 41-27 Louisville. Too many playmakers on offense and defense.

Mitch Motley: 41-24 Louisville. Louisville jumps out to an early lead and doesn’t look back.

Jeff Nunn: 24-17 Louisville. Lamar throws for two touchdowns and runs for one. Dez Fitzpatrick adds another touchdown to add to his freshmen campaign.

Katie Goben: 31-21 Louisville. Louisville’s defense steps up, Lamar turns the fan base’s frown upside down.

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