Rick Pitino’s Letter Of Notification of Intent To Terminate

gettyimages-655219254-a1f8330588b5e6485d27ece32030b06bfeda67d2-s700-c85Photo Courtesy of Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Rick Pitino has been officially notified in a letter sent by UofL Interim President Greg Postel of UofL’s intent to terminate his contract with cause. The letter is dated October 3rd, but was released to the public today.

In the letter, Postel provides the reasons for Pitino’s firing. Some of the reasons listed are a failure to notify the UofL compliance department of a known agent’s (Christian Watkins) presence on campus, a general failure to monitor his staff and promote compliance within the program, and the major violations of NCAA rules.

Postel advised Pitino that, “Your involvement in these recent scandals cannot be considered isolated events. Instead, they are illustrative of a pattern and practice of inappropriate behavior.”

Pitino may appear to present evidence and dispute the termination at a ULAA Board of Director’s meeting scheduled for October 16th at 9 am. He may do so in person, through an attorney, in writing, or via video conference.

If he chooses not to appear, the board will not consider any evidence on his behalf in the proceedings.

You can read the letter in full detail below courtesy of Derrick Rose of WHAS 11.

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