WDRB’s Bill Lamb States His Case For UofL To Keep Tom Jurich

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WDRB’s Bill Lamb, in his “Point of View” editorial segment last night, offered his opinion on the situation between the UofL Board of Trustees and suspended Athletic Director Tom Jurich.

Lamb explains that he believes that Tom Jurich should be retained. He argues that Jurich’s full body of work should be taken into account. Speaking on Jurich, Lamb says, “No person in the history of the University has done more to build it into what it is today than Tom Jurich.” He specifically mentions Jurich’s work in getting UofL into the ACC as a major factor for retaining him.

Lamb believes that the posturing by certain Board members and their rabid attempt to oust Jurich, “has a lot more to do with their egos than what’s right for UofL.”

When speaking of the certain, unnamed Board members, Lamb states, “I believe there are Board members who are willing tear UofL down just to show how powerful they’ve become. It’s all about them, not the University.”

He also mentions that some big money donors hope to persuade other Board members to step up, do the right thing, and vote to keep Jurich.

You can see Bill Lamb’s full “Point of View” segment below.


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