15 UofL Coaches Sign Letter To Greg Postel Supporting Tom Jurich

Tom_Jurich_PC_web.jpgPhoto Courtesy of Kenny Klein/gocards.com

15 UofL coaches, among them Bobby Petrino, Dan McDonnell, and Ken Lolla, have signed a letter sent to Interim UofL President Greg Postel in support of Tom Jurich.

In the letter, the coaches explain that they empathize with President Postel and other leaders of the University. However, they also said they believe the impact Jurich had on the University cannot be discarded.

The coaches state that they “fervently believe that Tom’s leadership has transformed the University of Louisville and has molded thousands of student-athletes who are now graduates of this great institution.”

The letter lays out key accomplishments during Tom’s tenure as proof of his excellent leadership. They include Jurich’s steering UofL into a spot in the ACC, his transformation of campus with the addition of many excellent athletic facilities, and the promotion and support of women’s sports.

It’s obvious the coaches are lobbying for their beloved boss to keep his job.

You can read the full letter below from Kelly Dickey.

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