David Padgett Discusses Life As UofL’s Acting Head Coach

David Padgett

David Padgett doesn’t get to sit in the Head Coach’s office at the Yum Center. It remains locked due to the ongoing FBI investigation engulfing the University of Louisville. So too, do the offices of suspended Associate Head Coach Kenny Johnson and former Assistant Coach Jordan Fair. Padgett is still relegated to his old, small office according to an article written by ESPN’s Jeff Borzello.

Padgett talked to Borzello recently about this and various other subjects including how his first practice was a blur and how he is focused on the season and not the future of his employment.

Padgett addressed the fact that he was around the program in some capacity during both the escort scandal and the newest scandal. He assured Borzello, and by proxy we fans, that he’s done nothing wrong and has told the truth throughout.

Padgett told Borzello about how he thinks the team is “such a close-knit group.” He discussed the talents of the team and why he thinks they will be good.

He doesn’t intend on changing much about the  Xs and Os of the offense and defense on the floor because it’s what the players know and it works, according to Borzello.

However, he does have one change Borzello quoted him on. “I can guarantee you that I will not have a white suit on this year,” he told Borzello. “I think I’m too tall and my skin’s too pale. We’ll let that go out with coach.” A moment of levity among all the chaos.

You can read Borzello’s article, which details these things and more, below.

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