Lane Kiffin Longs To Have Lamar Jackson In A FAU Uniform

Photo of Lane Kiffin (left) courtesy of Photo of Lamar Jackson (right) courtesy of Timothy D Easley/AP 

Lane Kiffin is not exactly a model of morality within the ranks of college football coaches. He’s not a very likable guy. He’s smarmy and seems like he would do anything to get what he desires.

Today, he showed why with a couple of tweets directed at none other than UofL’s own reigning, defending Heisman winner Lamar Jackson. Apparently he desires seeing Lamar Jackson playing for him in a FAU uniform.

I had to use screen shots because the tweets were deleted. Sadly for Mr. Kiffin, screen shots last forever.

As you can see in the first tweet (on the left) Kiffin quote tweets Lamar asking him to “Come to the #faU.” The Lamar Tweet was a quote tweet of UofL Football Recruiting account tweeting out a highlight of him from the FSU game. That’s pretty low, but whatever.

The second tweet, however, is despicable as Kiffin tries to lure Lamar home by preying on the love he has for his mother. “Come home for her. #thefaU,” he tweets.

What in the world was Lane Kiffin thinking? Maybe it was some rogue intern tweeting from his account. Regardless, it’s a bad look. However, it was pretty funny too.

Apparently, Kiffin is desperate to see Lamar fly like an Owl down at Florida Atlantic. Unfortunately for him, that’s just a pipe dream.


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